Reggie Bush Is on a Mission to Cancel Kim Kardashian's Wedding

Melissa Molinaro Melissa Molinaro, Kim Kardashian Lookalike Perhaps Reggie Bush just has a "type," but news that he's dating someone that looks eerily like his ex seems like a declaration of his unending love for Kim Kardashian more than anything else. Reports have it that the baller is dating Melissa Molinaro, a model who rose to fame earlier this year for ... looking like Kim Kardashian.

It would be one thing if he randomly started dating her and people started talking about how she looked like Kim. But to get serious with her AFTER the world has dubbed her a Kim clone is just a little bizarre, no?

As odd as it is (and it is odd as they look EXACTLY alike), however, I'm taking it as a sign of hope and a sweet gesture on his part to win Kim back!


While I'm thrilled Kim is getting married, I'm still not convinced Kris Humphries is the one for her. Honestly, from what we've seen of him so far on this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, he's coming off like a big grunting oaf, and not much more. Some burping between the two aside, we haven't seen much of that chemistry that just jumped out of the television whenever she and Reggie were together either. 

I want to like Humphries, really I do, and maybe I will, but I still have this little bit of hope that she'll do a runaway bride and run right back to Reggie.

Perhaps she'll see him dating Molinaro as a sign that he's not over her, that he never will be, and she'll realize they're meant to be together ... okay, probably not, seeing as how it seems she's close to signing the deal to televise her wedding to Humphries, but a fan can hope, right?

As for Molinaro, I can't imagine how she could date Bush knowing that she looks just like his ex, and that's likely why he's with her. I mean why else out of all the beautiful, available women in the world would he just so happen to pick her? If you have any doubts she's Kim's clone, here's the commercial that gained her the title. Freaky!

What do you think of Reggie Bush dating Melissa Molinaro? Would you like to see Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush get back together? Would you ever date someone if you looked just like their ex?

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