'SYTYCD' Recap: President Obama Is No Fan

SYTYCD top 20Last night was the top 20's second chance on So You Think You Can Dance and it went well for most of them, but there was a bump in the road and that bump's name was Obama. President Obama's address meant the DVR was completely confused and, as a result, some of us might have missed a couple of the night's dances. He is clearly not a fan of the show. It's always a shame when something like that happens because you know those couples might end up in the bottom based on that alone.

But the President's address also had another effect, an unexpected one that may prove lucky for one particular couple, but may hurt them in the end. I think you all know which couple I'm talking about ...


Every season, there are a few dances that end up being more about the story and the emotion than the dance itself. I hate to say it, but Sasha & Alexander's piece was one of those.

In case your own DVR cut it off, they had a routine in which he portrayed somebody returning from Afghanistan. The dancing was good, but it wasn't perfect, and neither was the routine. But nobody could be bothered to comment on that because they were too emotional. Obviously, it's not Sasha & Alexander's fault, and NappyTabs didn't know how weird the timing would be, but a better critique of the performance would've helped them as dancers.

I think the couple who most deserved all the praise they got was Caitlynn & Mitchell. After not getting a chance to dance last week because of his injury, I had mostly forgotten about him. But after last night, this couple is one of my faves, for sure, even if he did punch her in the face by mistake. Their contemporary routine was the best of the night, and I really hope they're not in the bottom this week.

Because of last week's annoying decision to keep everybody in the competition, there are four people out this week. My predictions for who's heading home? I'm thinking Miranda is a definite, with Missy possibly joining her. And for the guys, I think Ricky and Chris should go, but Robert is not stepping up so he might be gone instead.

Do you think President Obama's address messed up SYTYCD for the night? Who do you think is going home?


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