5 'Glee' Season 3 Sneak Peek Secrets Revealed!

gleeThings in my life just aren't as exciting without Glee on Tuesday nights. I have a little less pep in my step, more free time that I don't know what to do with, and a whole lot less celeb stalking to worry about. But good news: The off-season just got a little bit more exciting! Recently, co-creator Ryan Murphy spoke with Entertainment Weekly and TV Line, revealing some surprising details about what's to come for Season 3.

Sure, we all know (and probably wept about) the fact that some of our favorite characters are graduating. And although power ballads won't be the same without Rachel Berry or Kurt, we don't have to worry about that just yet. I promise, there are a few uplifting things up Murphy's sleeve for the next season of Glee.

Starting off with Sue Sylvester, Congress, and Washington, D.C.

  1. Yup, Sue's running for Congress y'all. Can't say I exactly anticipated that plot twist. I also can't help but wonder -- will she trade in her tracksuit for a business suit? Will we catch our favorite cheerleading coach in a skirt? Doubtful. But I bet she could teach Anthony Weiner a thing or two about ethics.
  2. We're going to see much more of Tina, Mike, and Mercedes. Murphy told TV Line that it's about time certain characters "get their due," and I couldn't agree more. I always hypothesized what Mercedes' home life was like. I feel like she'd be an outrageous older sister, don't you?
  3. Not all New Directions members will graduate. OK, we knew this. But Murphy confirms that most likely, there will be a character or two who ARE seniors that won't graduate, due to bad grades. Oh Brittany, I love you whether or not you get As, and I love you even more when you don a red jumpsuit!
  4. Two new ladies, coming our way! Murphy confirmed that Glee is casting for two new female parts, aside from the winner of Oxygen's The Glee Project. I wonder what they'll be like and where they'll be from! I'd love to see a redhead on the show. You know, mix up the pot a little.
  5. Tribute-tastic. Murphy confirms that there is going to be one large tribute episode this year. Although we don't know who it's for, we do know that it's been two years in the making and the Glee head honchos finally got it cleared. Two years in the making, eh? It's gotta be someone HUGE! They've already covered Gaga and Britney, so I'm thinking something a bit more classic. Elton John? Prince? I'd die happy if I could hear Blaine singing some Billy Joel.

Are you excited for the future of Glee? What are you (or aren't you) looking forward to the most for Season 3 and beyond?


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