Rad ‘Florence & the Machine’ Cover by Vicci Martinez Won’t Win It (VIDEOS)

the voiceVicci Martinez, the "war-dance" member of Cee-Lo Green's team on The Voice, sang Florence and the Machine's song "Dog Days Are Over" last night ... and it totally rocked. The drums! The green eyeshadow! The pure passion! Vicci really knows how to put on a show and really knows how to make you fall in love with a song. If you didn't know of the band Florence and the Machine before, you do now.

Always late to a party, I fell in love with Florence and the Machine when I first heard "Dog Days" played in the trailer for Eat Pray Love. Lame, I know, but once I heard it, I had to find out who was behind a powerful song that makes me think I can quit my job and travel to Italy, India, and Bali, too.

Even though Vicci's rendition was absolutely killer (killer!), I just don't think it's enough to beat Javier Colon.


I don't know how or when I fell so deeply in love with Javier, but there's no turning back now. I'm a full-on fan-girl who has watched his performance from last night over and over on YouTube. He has a softness to him, a kind gentleness, a humbleness of a man previously defeated that I just can't say no to. Not to mention that he has a voice of an angel. A GD angel if you ask me.

Vicci has a certain fire about her that I'm attracted to, but I don't think she has the same amount of raw talent that Javier does. I feel like she screams a little too much when she sings, and I just don't see her putting out a song that I would want to download or listen to. I think Javier, on the other hand, has some real songwriting talent. I'd buy anything he sells.

Maybe I'm wrong though in ordering my "Javier for the Win" t-shirt because a quick search on YouTube reveals that Vicci's performance from last night has gotten more views than Javier's. D'oh!

If you missed last night or just like re-watching the performances and posting them on your friends' Facebook pages like I do, then here are both Vicci's and Javier's songs from last night.

Who do you think did better?

(Oh, and yeah, hope no one was injured in those storms. You'll see what I mean when you watch the clips.)

Javier's performance of "Fix You" by Coldplay:

And Vicci's rendition of "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence and the Machine:

Photos via thevoice.com

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