'True Blood' Werewolf Joe Manganiello Upstages Sexy Vampires

joe manganielloThe True Blood season premiere is almost here! This is like the adult equivalent of waiting for Justin Beiber's movie to open! As we count down the days, I feel it is only right to take a moment and give a certain werewolf his due ... especially because Joe Manganiello, otherwise known as the Sookie-seducing Alcide, is looking fittingly god-like in a GQ spread set on a Greek island.

Fact: It takes a lot to distract me from Alexander Skarsgard. Occasionally Stephen Moyer's Bill or Sam Trammell's Sam might make me pause for a second or two in the midst of my Eric worship to take notice of their more alluring qualities, but then I'm right back to wishing with every fiber of my mortal being that I was Eric's immortal beloved. But these shots of Alcide make me want to howl.


Are you getting what I'm saying here? They make me hungry like the wolf ... I mean, hungry for a wolf ... okay, I've pushed the werewolf references far enough. Seriously, though, I must admit I'm much more invested in Alcide's character than I was before. Not that I wasn't into him before; it's just that I always felt like the werewolves were kind of the least sexy group of True Blood otherworldlies (in all fairness, the rest of his breed have been portrayed as the toothless truckers of the TB dimension).

But now I'm reconsidering Alcide's position. He truly does seem to have Sookie's best interests at heart, and we know we can't truly trust any of the vampires. His only competition as an honest suitor is Sam, of whom I am tremendously fond, but I still sometimes wonder if Sookie is just a fantasy to him. Does he see her for the woman/faerie she really is?

Tragically, I don't know the answer to that question. I do know I'll be watching Alcide very closely this season!

Do you think Alcide is the hottest guy on True Blood?


 Image via HBO

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