'Bachelorette' Bentley Williams Also a Victim of ABC

Bentley Williams is the contestant who will not disappear. Monday night we saw Ashley Hebert continuing the cringe-worthy act of pining for the loser. But, of course, we only know what we saw on TV. There is a whole contingent of people who believe Williams isn't as bad as he appears on The Bachelorette and I, for one, am starting to believe it.

Much as I have wanted to and participated in the complete hatred of Williams, I also have watched this show each season and the way ABC manipulates us into thinking people are worse than they are. Does anyone remember Rozlyn Papa from Jake Pavelka's season and her wild "affair" with a producer?

Let's get real. That was nothing more than smoke and mirrors and this may be, too. Consider that there is a whole website devoted to defending Bentley.


West Lee, one of the other contestants, said of Bentley:

I really liked Bentley ... he seemed genuine. He talked about his daughter all the time, so I really thought that his missing her ... and then to see all this stuff on the show was a bit of a surprise. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle, but at least in my experience of Bentley, he was a good guy. I like him.

His EX-WIFE, who has every reason to hate him, even defended him, saying: 

He's a really good father. He’s really involved. They’ve got a really great relationship. He adores her. I’d say he’s a really good father It didn’t work out he's got a lot of great qualities, it just wasn’t right with us.

The fact is, television can be edited any way they see fit. Maybe Bentley said those things in jest. Maybe he was in a bad mood and something happened that we weren't privy to off camera. Maybe he was paid by ABC to be the villain to up ratings. Whether you believe he is a good guy or not, at the very least, we know his statements are out of context. They always are.

Reality show contestants can always claim hack editing, but this season they wanted a villain and Bentley fell nicely into that. You always know they are going for massive drama and ratings when Chris Harrison gets the serious, "I am just trying to protect my contestant here" face. I hate Harrison more than I hate Bentley. At least Bentley has integrity. ABC is milking it. Harrison said in a statement:

We didn’t put this guy in there to draw out drama. People give us too much credit. This doesn’t turn out to be a good thing for us or Ashley. We almost had to shut down production. If it was two or three weeks later, we probably wouldn’t have finished. This makes her question everything.

Sure, you didn't. I'm not sure what is what, but my money is on somewhere in the middle. Bentley is a bit of a cad, but ABC is the real villain.

Do you think ABC is cleverly editing or hired him on purpose?


Image via ABC

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