'Bachelorette' Recap: Ashley Hebert Is Queen of the Brutal Date

If there is one thing this season of The Bachelorette seems to want to prove, it's that there are no limits for what ABC will put these people through. Don't be surprised if the last show includes some kind of leap to your death competition with the winner earning an engagement ring for Ashley Hebert.

What kind of "date" includes brutal Muay Thai boxing that leaves half the men bruised and sends one to the hospital? Classy. They are in Thailand, there are 1,000 beautiful things to see, and they send them to a boxing ring? Ames got a concussion!

OK, so much as I disagree with that choice of ridiculous date, I will say Ames had a very poor showing. It's not that we expect a guy to fight, but if he HAS to, one would at least hope he wouldn't behave like a giant baby.


It seems this is the theme of the season. Let's humiliate everyone as much as possible! I have watched every season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette and never once have I seen so many ridiculous dates. It seems like they're just trying for drama.

It makes me sad because in its pure form, the show is supposed to be about finding love. OK, so the likelihood of finding real "love" on national television is low, but we still have to believe on some level to watch the show, right?

It's hard. ABC needs ratings, but it feels like a competition and like the bar gets raised more and more every season. And this season, it feels almost (and in some cases actually) like a gladiator fight to the death. There is spectacle and humiliation and schadenfreude galore between the boxing matches, boys being beaten, and Ashley making a big ass out of herself by pining for a guy who wasn't even into her.

Rumor has it that Ashley Hebert is indeed engaged currently, but I'm not sure I buy it. There is no way she will find real love on this show. And the way things are going, they might never have a Trista again.

Do you think the show can work?

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