Gary Shirley Needs an Amber Portwood Intervention

Amber Portwood Gary Shirley
Amber Portwood & Gary Shirley
Oh, Gary, Gary, Gary. Is anyone going to help this poor fellow? The Teen Mom star just can't stop lovin' on that Amber Portwood. Way back in the early days of Teen Mom, I watched Amber and Gary do an interview for MTV, and it was very apparent then how completely whooped Gary was over Amber. He berated himself constantly and only wanted to please her. She even gave him some sort of inadvertent compliment in the interview, and I thought the poor guy would die right then and there of affection overload -- it was so clear he was totally fiending for even a single drop of Amber attention in his cup. Amber can verbally abuse him, physically abuse him, attempt to place blame on him for her recent suicide attempt, and he simply can't stop bending over backward and jumping through hoops for her.

Let's face it. Gary Shirley is an addict, and Amber Portwood is his drug of choice. When you hear the latest, you'll agree that it's high time for an intervention.


We've all been there, right? Thank god no one had a video camera on me when I went through some self-destructive love obsessions back in the day. But dude, Gary, take our advice. Some day you're going to realize Amber has problems of her own to deal with, and you will NEVER EVER be her #1. Ever! Even if she gets well. Because, frankly, if she gets well, she's going to drop your neediness like a wet rag. This is textbook victim and codependency stuff.

According to RadarOnline, Gary took to his Facebook page on Saturday, almost a week after Amber tried to take her life. He admitted to making "threatening comments before." I think he means threatening to take their baby Leah away from Amber, not threatening her harm so much because he followed that by saying, "I really realized how much it hurts a mother and I'm deeply sorry for that."

Then he went on to apologize some more and berate himself for childish and immature behavior. However, here's the clincher. Then he says, "I'm very pro-Amber." WHAT??? Pro-Amber? Usually it's good to be pro things that are good for you. In my opinion, you could sure use a little Pro-Gary.

I mean, if I thought for even a millisecond Gary meant he's got nothing but support and kind-heartedness for the mother of his daughter, I wouldn't blink an eye at this comment. But what I think it truly reveals is that Gary is in no way near being done with his drug of choice. He's going to snort, shoot, inhale, guzzle, and consume as much Amber as he possibly can, no matter what it costs.

Can someone close to him please stage an intervention!??

Do you think Gary Shirley needs an Amber Portwood intervention?


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