'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kendall Jenner Doesn't Need Another Stage Mom

Kim Kardashian and Kendall JennerKim Kardashian has learned more than a thing or two from her overbearing, business bulldog of a mother, Kris Jenner. One, as illustrated on last night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians: How to be a crazy stage mom ... before she even has children.

Kim's little sister, Kendall Jenner, and her insanely long legs got a modeling gig in New York, and Kim went as her chaperone. She acknowledged that while she's modeled because she's a personality, Kendall is like a "real model."

Kim was all business and intent on making Kendall act like a professional. While she did the first job fine, when they offered her a runway gig, the 15-year-old just wanted to go to cheerleading practice. Kim pushed her to do it anyway despite Kendall's repeated protests that she didn't want to do runway. Staying in New York longer to spend more time with Kris Humphries may have had something to do with that too.


While working with a runway coach, Kendall got all silly, and Kim got all pissed she wasn't taking it seriously. "Stop embarrassing me!" she told Kendall like a perfect stage mom, who makes one's daughter's success and failures all about her. Then to the cameras she said, "There are no words to describe how angry I am with Kendall." 

Kendall, wise in her 15 years, concluded that it was Kim's fantasy, not hers. The whole thing was kind of like a scene right out of Toddlers & Tiaras.

In the end, it was Bruce Jenner and his words of wisdom that made Kim see the light. "You're like a stage mom, Kim. Just leave her alone." He told her it was his job to push Kendall, not hers. Phew, at least someone is on that! So up Kim went to Kendall's room to apologize, then jump on the bed. 

Kris Jenner was nowhere to be seen in all the drama; she was too busy being offended that Kourtney and Scott Disick took the key to their house away from her because they didn't just want her barging in unannounced whenever she wanted. It was one of the few times I ever have or will agree with Scott; I wouldn't want her to have a key either.

Kourtney lied to her about the reason she took the key back (she told her they needed it for furniture delivery), and Kris said that was the reason she was so upset, though it was clear that wasn't the case. Jenner concluded that she would smile and give them back the key, but it was a huge mistake they were making. "There will be a time when they WILL need me." A bit of foreshadowing perhaps?

Previews for next week look promising with hints of a butt x-ray and Kris Jenner changing her last name back to Kardashian.

Were you surprised to see Kim act like a stage mom? Do you think Kourtney and Scott were right to take the key away from Kris Jenner?

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