'Bachelorette' Bad Guy Bentley Makes a Brand New Enemy (VIDEO)

larry david and ashleyAny enemy of Bentley's is a friend of mine. Last night on Leno, Larry David was a guest promoting the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm and remained on set when Bachelorette Ashley Hebert came out to talk to Jay about her experience on her show. And Larry, not one to sit back idly while others discuss heated topics, offered up his own two cents every chance he got on the whole Ashley/Bentley saga as she relayed the story to Jay. And guess what? Larry is totally on our side. He hates Bentley, too!

The more public admonishment this douche Bentley gets, the better. You can't go on national TV, act like an inconsiderate moron, then expect to get off scot-free. And now that Larry David's after him, he better watch out! Larry's words were harsh. And threatening. (Yes!)


Larry interrupted Ashley's interview a few times to express his disgust for the mean-spirited punk who broke Ashley's heart. He said things like:

"I'm gonna kill that mo-fo!" and "I don't know what this guy did, but I really dislike him" and then when Jay asked if Ashley would ever see Bentley again, Larry butted in with "No. No! I won't let her."

It was clear that Larry had never seen the show, but he still knows as well as we do that Bentley is a pig. Like a concerned father who instinctively realizes who's right and who's wrong, Larry seemed protective of Ashley and took her side. The two had a great rapport, and as always, Ashley came across as being a woman with a solid head on her shoulders.

My favorite part of the show, other than Larry calling Bentley a "mo-fo," was when Ashley joked that the newly single Larry should be the next Bachelor, and hey, I've heard worse ideas. If Larry David was the Bachelor, that might be the funniest thing that ever aired on TV in the history of the world. Can you imagine?? I think Ash is on to something.

Anyway, I love to hate Bentley, and it's clear most of America agrees. It's awesome that Larry made fun of Bentley too because for some reason, I feel like that would sting Bentley. Knowing that a hugely famous comedian was calling you a mo-fo on national TV can't feel that good, and the more pain Bentley's in, the better. Word.

Watch the Ashley/Larry clip for The Tonight Show here, and tell me what you think!

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