'SYTYCD' Recap: Megan Mullally Is the Worst Judge Ever

SYTYCD season 8 judges
Keep these SYTYCD judges, ok?
Ok, really, So You Think You Can Dance? We get through two hours of competition night with the top 20 (well, 19), then an hour of fluff and solos on elimination night, and then this? I mean, really?! Let us start by doing what the judges should've done and critique the solos, shall we?

The bottom three couples were Jordan & Tadd, Clarice & Jess, and Miranda & Robert (two outta three ain't a bad prediction). Mitchell was cleared to dance his solo after having to sit out the night before because of his elbow injury, so he was in there too.


Time for an unpopular opinion: Jordan is really starting to irritate me. Maybe it's because she seems to try so hard to be sexy and then is all coy and innocent when she's not dancing, but there's something about her I don't like. So, her solo? Not my fave. Sue me, hate me, whatever, I don't care. (But you know it's true.)

Clarice and Miranda, on the other hand, impressed me with their solos even though I wasn't really a fan of either before this week. Then Tadd's solo was good and Jess' solo made me fall in love with him just a bit more.

But ... 

In the first set of guy solos, Robert should've been the one to go. It pains me to say it, but his solo was terrible, he barely even danced. So when they made him and Mitchell dance again, I already knew something terrible was coming.

And then, just like that, the judges decide nobody is going home. But did you catch what they kept saying near the end there? How it was all Megan's fault?!

Megan, what on earth are you doing judging a dance competition if you can't then eliminate anybody? You say you're a fan of the show, so you must have realized at some point that you'd be sending a couple of people home. Somebody please note to never have her judge again if this is what we can expect. Because now we have to get rid of four people next week, and think how much harder that will be.

Ugh, I can't even deal with you right now, SYTYCD. Go sit in a corner until Megan learns how to play the game like everyone else.

Were you surprised by the SYTYCD elimination results? Do you think it was Megan's fault?


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