'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: LuAnn Disses & Dismisses Alex

LuAnn de LessepsThere’s plenty to discuss about this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, but the real question is: Team LuAnn de Lesseps or Team Alex McCord? The women are still feuding after that ugly scene in Morocco ... or rather Alex is still fuming, and The Countess could care less about the lowly Alex, but since she’s on the same show with her, she figured she better at least talk to her, so as not come off like a total snobby b*tch. Too late.

So she stooped way down and met Alex for coffee, and is clearly annoyed at having to do so. Alex was all primed with talking points, ready to have a serious discussion while the countess just dismissed and dissed her.


She started in right away with the darlings. “I can’t even guess what you might have to discuss with me that makes you unhappy,” she sneered.

Alex started blabbering on about how real friends act, but the sad fact is LuAnn has no intention of ever being friends with Alex no matter what she says or does. When Alex called her “condescending, dismissive, haughty, and vile,” she got at least three right. I’m not ready to call LuAnn vile just yet.

Best banter of the night came when LuAnn criticized Alex for barging in wearing her “Herman Munster shoes.”

“Uh, no, they’re Louis Vuitton,” Alex proudly pointed out.

“Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes,” LuAnn shot back.

Okay, maybe she is vile ... and not all that articulate with the slams. Lamest retort she shot out: “What is this, Alex class, and you’re the teacher?”

She repeatedly told Alex she shouldn’t have butted in between her and Ramona, and she’s got a point there, but the rest of it is just her being snobby and rude while feigning her annoying manners.

In the end, LuAnn stormed off, with a final decree: “Don’t forget what happens to the messenger. Get a life!” Alex was left with her coffee.

I’m no big Alex fan, and frankly, that lingerie modeling scene with Simon was one of the creepiest and most uncomfortable scenes ever to be seen on television. The noises he made will haunt me forever. Still I feel kind of sorry for her as she just wants to be part of the “in crowd” so bad, and it’s so not going to ever happen. And I feel REALLY bad for her for Simon. *SHUDDER*

In another attempt to get "in," Alex is working her friendship with Ramona Singer every chance she gets. After Jill Zarin hosted a focus group for her new line of shapewear and invited everyone except Ramona, Alex ran right to Ramona and tattled. Ramona, of course, was irate, having thought they really had worked things out in Morocco. Nope, and that’s another thing that’s probably never going to happen.  

Sonja Morgan and her mega financial problems -- $19 million in debt! -- finally came up. Everyone was shocked, and Sonja – who bizarrely leaves all the price tags on her clothing supposedly so she can see how much money she saved (WTF?) -- claims to have no clue what happened. She did show what appeared to be some genuine distress about her situation, especially the thought of losing her home, which was sad to watch. Maybe she can return some of those clothes since the tags are still attached and all?

Who do you think is in the right -- Alex McCord or LuAnn de Lesseps?

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