'True Blood' Season 4 Brings Back the Blood & Fangs! (VIDEO)

eric fangsI know some Truebies were put off by the 8-minute sneak peek of Season 4 of True Blood: What's with all the frilly faerie fa-la-la? Where are the fangs and the werewolves? Where, oh where, is Eric??

No need to worry, fangbangers -- the official Season 4 trailer proves you'll get your fix. It offers glimpses of everything we crave from a good, steamy episode of TB: All the blood, sweat, tears, teeth, claws, and cadavers you could ever hope for. Just catching split-second snapshots of the following fan-favorite moments had me glamoured:

  • Eric popping his fangs out all over the place! Is there anything hotter? (NO, the answer is NO.)
  • Jason tied to yet another bed, clearly foiled (again) by a trap he walked straight into, eyes wide open. Oh, Jason. You just sit there and look pretty now, y'hear?
  • Jessica looking readier than ever to raise all holy hell. That fiery vamp is taking somebody down this season in a big way, I can feel it.
  • Sam being seduced by, of course, a beautiful yet sinister-looking woman. Will that boy ever learn? I don't care, as long as he keeps taking his shirt off.
  • Lafayette getting spooked by his own supernatural talents. Bitch, you more than just a V-dealing short order cook, okay?
  • Tara mouthing off at an unidentified vampire. Seriously, I wish there was a Tara app so I could just point my phone at somebody and let a virtual version of Sookie's BFF take 'em down a few notches.

See for yourself!


Image via HBO

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