'Toddlers & Tiaras': The Best Episode Ever! (VIDEO)

Toddlers & TiarasLast night Toddlers & Tiaras came back again for another season of parents pimping out their little girls all in the name of a crown ... and a princess bed in this particular pageant. Back was past "favorite" Makenzie, 5, and Eden, 6, the blonde "brat" (her mother's word for the girl, not mine, when she didn't want three gallons of hairspray sprayed in her face).

It was more of what we've seen every season before as sad excuses for parents tortured their children for their own twisted reasons -- like their own lives suck. If the prize was money for future therapy lessons, that would be one thing (because these girls will clearly need it), but to see them put on display for a canopy bed and $1,000 that will likely go to pay for more spray tans and fake teeth is just criminal.

But the show has been beaten to death, and really, it isn't all bad ... at least not this best-ever episode starring Tom Hanks on Jimmy Kimmel Live


It's been circulating for awhile, but if you haven't seen it, it's hilarious and definitely worth watching again in honor of the new season beginning. It features Hanks and his "daughter" Sophie who's competing in the Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby contest.

I hope every parent who has ever entered their child in a pageant or who thinks about it sees this video. It's so spot on -- sexy feet! How parents can't see the absurdity of their actions when it comes to the pageants is mind-blowing as it's so obvious to the rest of us.

What's not funny are the real, long-term effects these pageants are going to have on these little girls. But hey, who needs self-confidence or self-worth when you have a canopy bed and made mama proud?

Did you watch the premiere of Toddlers & Tiaras? What do you think of the Tom Hanks version?

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