Betty White Forgets Her Best Secret to a Long, Happy Life

Betty White
Betty White
Betty White once again proves she's the wittiest, coolest 89-year-old on the planet. Last night, she dropped in on The Late Show to offer up her own extra-special Top-10 List for Dave Letterman -- the "Betty White Tips for Living a Long and Happy Life."

In her list, Ms. White wasted no time making really good digs at the latest headline-stealers from Anthony Weiner to LeBron James. Because she's totally cool like that. However, for some reason, she left off her own most tried and true tip for living a long and happy life. (Well, she is 89. I'm sure she forgets the obvious from time to time.)


Betty White is nothing if not walking, talking, funny-making proof that being hilarious can keep a person going strong for decades. They say laughter is the best medicine, and boy, does Betty White offer up plenty of that. So while "Be Damn Funny" didn't make her Top-10 list, she sure put the tip into action last night, just like always.

Here's just a glimpse at the hilarity from Betty's list, which started out with a special lesson ala Anthony Weiner and some profound dietary tips:

No. 6: Avoid tweeting photos of your private parts.

No. 4: Take some wheatgrass, soy paste and carob. Toss in the garbage and cook yourself a big-ass piece of pork.)

This one's my favorite, and it's been working pretty well in my life: No. 3: Try not to die.

And, of course, her low blow for LeBron James (ah, he totally deserves it!):

No. 2: Never dwell on past mistakes. Especially you, LeBron.

LOL! Dang, Betty. You are hilarious. Keep up the funny-making for all your, no doubt, many long and happy years ahead.

WATCH Betty deliver all the "Betty White Tips for Living a Long & Happy Life"

Which of Betty's tips is your favorite?


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