'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert Continues the Cringe-Fest

So far this season, Bentley Williams has been the only person on anyone's mind. This is mostly because Ashley Hebert can't seem to let him go. It isn't clear whether it's ABC's editing or her true obsession, but either way, she is just getting embarrassing now.

She has been "in a really dark place" since Bentley left? Weren't they "together" like a week? And didn't he say something last week about preferring to swim in pee than be with Ashley? Yes, he seems like a person worth going to the dark place over.

I realize all her scenes were before she knew that, but still, it seems to me that the other guys in the house deserve her full attention instead of her pining for King Douche. It's hard to understand how Ashley can send home a sweet widower while pining over such a complete waste of good hair. But that's a girl for you.


Judging from future episodes, it looks like ABC will continue their World Tour of the Humiliate Ashley Show with a stop off in a hotel where Bentley is also staying.

Did he just feel like taking a dip in the pee pool or did he change his mind? Only time will tell, of course. But it seems like everyone except Ashley gets what a jerk this guy is, and ABC knows perfectly well and is playing it for top ratings.

Then again, it seems like maybe there are slim pickings in the House De Bachelorette. As of now, there isn't one guy who stands out as someone who would be awesome for Ashley. Everyone comes with at least one or two flaws. Unlike in past seasons (Roberto! Roberto!), there is no obvious, gorgeous, virile hunk of love we can't get enough of.

Oh wait. I forgot. That guy left because Ashley is an "ugly ducking." Could this season be more cringe-worthy? I find myself watching through my fingers because I can't stand much more of this public humiliation.

Can someone please let Ashley in on the joke? Oh yes. I know Michelle Money tried. Maybe this is actually all Ashley's fault for not believing the conniving, manipulative girl who gave herself a black eye last season ... makes perfect sense. Oh wait ...

Poor Ashley. This Bentley obsession has to end some time, right?

What did you think of this episode?


Image via ABC

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