'Real Housewives of Orange County' Reunion Part 2 Recap: The Final Fury

Alexis BellinoThe Real Housewives of Orange County cranked things up tonight for part two of the reunion. They turned it up so much that much of it couldn't be heard as they shouted, interrupted, and all talked at the same time. Andy Cohen totally lost control, and just sat back and watched a good chunk of it as a loud hum was all that could be heard. One thing that did emerge loud and clear: Alexis Bellino has a marriage that's even more bizarre than we originally thought.

Not only does she obey her husband Jim because she came from his rib (which cracks me up every time she says that), thinks female presidents are dangerous (totally thought of her when Michele Bachmann announced tonight), and can't be at a dinner party for 20 minutes without him without having a nervous breakdown, but tonight she revealed they knew nothing about each other prior to when they met and got married. 


Their life started then, so a little matter like the fact he had hooked up with some new friend of hers -- Peggy Tanous -- in the past? No need to tell her.

That's just not normal in any world, no matter how long ago you dated or how casual it was, but of course, she defended her rib man and tried to blame Peggy for not telling her. Peggy said the whole "hook-up" was casual, which he STILL should have told Alexis about the minute he found out the women had become friendly; the fact he supposedly begged Peggy not to tell Alexis is even worse. Andy tried to press Alexis to admit that was lying on his part, but she would hear nothing of it.

Then in the final moments of the reunion, Jim supposedly texted Alexis and told her that Peggy had stalked him after the hook-up (what timing!). And he didn't feel the need to tell his wife THAT?! Seriously messed up ... or totally false -- one or the other, probably both.

I do hope, however, that Jesus Barbie comes back for another season, because she's just such a big, blinged-out, bizarre contradiction, I find her a fascinating study in ... something.

From what could be made out amidst the rest of the squawking, there was more bickering between Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi about the luncheon that Gretchen thought Vicki Gunvalson purposely tried to ruin by getting sick. She was, as we know now, truly sick, and Gretchen did apologize, but she's not sorry at all. She's still bitter Vicki didn't visit her former fiance Jeff in the hospital when he was dying. Vicki said she barely knew Gretchen then, but Gretchen really tried to gain some ground with that whole line about Vicki not having any compassion. It didn't really work.

Then slimy Slade Smiley came out and tried to defend himself and the deadbeat dad charges. Tamra has been communicating with Michelle, the mother of his child, who is apparently feeding her all sorts of information. She got so worked up about it that she stormed off stage and called Michelle to make sure she wasn't lying. It would have been better if she'd done that before she hurled accusations left and right, but hey during the reunion works too I guess. Good thing she answered.

The whole thing just felt contrived, and why is she talking to her anyway? I have no love for Slade, but Tamra has no business in that whole affair -- especially for someone who gets so defensive about other people talking about her life. That being said, if he isn't coughing up what he should, I hope he gets his due. Slade in the Slammer could be a show in itself.

Jeana Keough was there, bickered a little more with Tamra, and ended up in tears. She and Vicki genuinely seem to miss each other, but Vicki made it clear that her loyalty is to Tamra. Oh well, Jeana has her new boyfriend who lives with her, her sons, and her still-husband Matt when he comes to town (how weird is that?).

In the end, the women were left fuming, and nothing was resolved -- not even whose lips were the biggest, or where Fernanda Rocha mysteriously disappeared to (where did she go?!). Still they managed to muster one more woo hoo!, and that was a wrap for this memorable season.

What did you think of part two of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion? Can you ever imagine your husband hiding things from you that Jim hid from Alexis?

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