Darren Criss Falls for His 'Glee' Audience ... Literally (VIDEO)

darren criss gleeDarren Criss, better know as Blaine Anderson, is officially the hottest thing to hit the boob tube since the original 90210. It's no surprise that women (and men) everywhere are falling in love with him, so much so that they just can't keep their hands off! In fact, at Thursday night's Glee Live! In Concert performance in Washington, D.C., Criss bent over to shake hands with a fan in the front row during the curtain call and was pulled off the stage (video after the jump). I guess she couldn't help herself!

Sure, Cory Monteith is pretty darn handsome, and well -- that Chord Overstreet isn't too bad on the eyes either. But there's something about Darren that makes him a showstopper. Sure, he may have taken a spill himself, but here are my 5 reasons why I'm falling for Darren Criss, too:


1. This man is beautiful. He has those distinct, dark features that say "I'm the guy next door" and "I'm good in bed" at the same time.

2. His role on Glee. Although Criss plays a gay teen on the show, he's straight in real life. The actor does an excellent job portraying a gay teen with some level of understanding -- which makes him even more attractive off-screen. In February, Criss told Out Magazine, "I think it's more empowering to everybody, including myself, if I'm articulate about identifying myself as a straight male playing a gay character." Amen.

3. Have you seen that hair? OK, so I'm Jewish. And I have this thing for what some like to call the "Jew fro." But his locks are so curly. So thick. I just want to touch them!

4. That voice. To all of their credit -- there is no one currently on Glee, in my opinion, that has a bad voice. But Darren sings and I melt from my couch cushions to the floor.

5. His celebrity fanbase. Criss recently snagged a cameo in Katy Perry's new video for "Last Friday Night." Accompanied by fellow Gleek Artie (Kevin McHale) and other familiar faces like Rebecca Black and Hanson, the California boy has a certain something that that pop diva, as well as others I'm sure, loved. And hello, he opened the video! Who wouldn't keep watching, hoping to catch another glimpse of those pecs?

Check out the video of Darren's fan pull-down off stage (around 3:05) here:

Are you a Darren Criss fan?


Image via David_Shankbone/Flickr

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