Sean Connery's Secret Gay Kiss Comes Out of the Closet

Sean Connery

Men have been kissing each other for centuries in all sorts of ways, so not totally sure why newly discovered footage of the first televised gay kiss is such a big deal. Maybe because it was actually Sean Connery -- you know, James Bond, who slept with about 50 different women in each movie -- that makes it more notable than it would some other actors.

At any rate, Connery shot the scene in 1960, shortly after he broke into acting and a couple years before he signed on to be one of the sexiest James Bonds in history IMO. Now comes the really big question here, the one everyone will be asking now that they know one of Hollywood's tough guys once swapped spit with another dude ... No, not is he gay? Please tell me you weren't thinking that. Because of course he's not. He's been married twice -- he and his second wife have been together since 1975.

The really big question is ... where can we see that TV show!?


Because I don't know about you, but I really really really want to see James Bond kissing another guy. For no other reason than to be able to say that I saw it. How interesting! And because this is some pretty cool history, being the first-known gay kiss on TV and all. And because the plot of the show sounds really really really intriguing ...

In Colombe, Sean plays a husband whose wife leaves him for another man, this Richard Pasco actor guy who he gets all hot and heavy with. He's crushed. He can't figure out why his wife would leave him. So what does he do? He goes on over to find out what she thinks is so great about him. And apparently he finds out.

But that's where all the details seem to leave off ... does he agree? Does Pasco end up leaving the wife for Sean? Will Hollywood do a remake? Will Connery star on Glee next season? So many questions that need answers.

I just went online to try to download Colombe on Netflix but it's not there. Well, of course it's not there, dummy [palm hits forehead]! It's locked down in the U.S. Library of Congress Archives where they recently discovered it.

You think someone can make a DVD?

What do you think about Sean Connery kissing another man? Do you want to see it?


Image via Alan Light/Flickr

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