'SYTYCD' Recap: Some Top 20 Dancers Don't Stand a Chance

SYTYCD season 8 top 20
SYTYCD Top 20 dancers
Season 8's Top 20 for So You Think You Can Dance is looking pretty good. We've got hip hop, contemporary, and jazz well-represented, but there's also Broadway, tap, and the lone ballroom dancer. I was happy they changed the format this year, combining the top 20 reveal (which usually drags on forever) with the non-competition show. I'm also excited for when they get to the top 10 and start dancing with the All-Stars again. (Gimme gimme tWitch, please!)

But before all of that, even this early on, everyone's already got favorites.


Ryan Ramirez is my fave for the ladies. Hooray for Ryan! Watching her dance makes me so happy, so I'm super excited for her. For the guys, it's gotta be Robert Taylor, Jr., "The WoOoOo Man." I have no idea how old he is (was Mary kidding when she said he was one of the oldest? Because his MySpace says he's 20 ...), but his energy and fun are contagious.

I'm excited about a lot of the dancers in the top 20, but let's be honest, some of these poor people don't stand a chance. Like, who the hell are Missy and Miranda? Where did they come from? Have they been here the whole time? Clearly, the producers don't favor them given how little airtime they've had. And that's what it comes down to in the first couple of weeks, sadly. If America doesn't recognize you, you're gone.

In fact, I'm already predicting who might be in the bottom next week and potentially the first to go: Miranda Maleski and Ricky Jaime or Mitchell Kelly. Don't lie, you have no idea who the hell they are, do you?

Anyway, dancers aside, the real star of the show was Sonya Tayeh who got to choreograph not just the jazz number, but also the women's group dance. Sonya is my absolute favorite choreographer on SYTYCD. I love her style, her signature moves, the way she pushes people, the athleticism in her choreo, the power she gives women dancers, all of it. I can't get enough of her. Moar Sonya plz!

Who are your favorites in the top 20 of SYTYCD this season?


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