When Bentley Williams Returns, Ashley Should Get Revenge

Bentley Williams Ashley Hebert
Bentley Williams & Ashley Hebert
At this point in The Bachelorette, I don't think anyone will argue that the show's super-villain Bentley Williams, businessman and co-owner of Airborne Trampoline Arena, is one very bad dude. I mean, who didn't want to punch him in the face for maliciously playing Ashley Hebert, laughing about how badly he was going to crush her feelings, and totally feeling her up while telling her he was leaving. What a d-bag! Has he no shame? Pretty amazing what a person will do to another for a paycheck.

Well, there's certainly more to be revealed, as Ashley mends her broken heart and tries to make a connection with one of the other available men on the show (I guess if you have to heal a broken heart, you might as well do it in the presence of several doting, good-looking fellows).

Hold onto your hat, however, because Bentley will be coming back. Keep reading for more on that and other juicy Bentley news.


The Latest Juicy News on Bad Dude Bentley Williams

1. Bentley's business Airborne Trampoline Arena has been receiving threats since the show aired. Alyson Adams, manager of Airborne, which is located in Draper, Utah, told HollywoodLife.com that they've received hundreds of profanity-laden phone calls and death threats by mail. Some of their regular customers have even chosen to take their business elsewhere. What did they expect?

2. His best friend says he's being misread. Best friend Billy Meadows told ABC that he thinks Bentley's dry sense of humor is being misread as cruelty and that he's really "the nicest guy I know" as well as "genuine" and "always concerned about other people." Hmm, I think his actual best friend may have been abducted.

3. Emily Maynard isn't getting played by Bentley: In a new video, Maynard says Bentley "clearly had an agenda" and "it wasn't to fall in love." She doesn't think his behavior would have been any different had she been the Bachelorette.

4. Bentley will be back. We thought we were rid of the @sshat, but he'll be coming back. Host Chris Harrison tweeted, "Yes it's true you have not seen the last of Bentley!" Nooooo! Unless, of course, we're going to get to see Ashley get sweet revenge. Wait ... you don't think he'll be the next Bachelor, do you?

5. Bentley Williams isn't going to be the next Bachelor. When asked via Twitter, Bachelor producer Cassie Lambert tweeted, "I can’t imagine that ever happening. Bachelors are supposed to be desirable!" Hear, hear to that!

Do you think The Bachelorette producers are toying with us, making Bentley out to be meaner than he is?


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