'SYTYCD' Recap: Who Makes the Top 20?

SYTYCD Vegas callbacks
NappyTabs choreography in Vegas
Vegas week was brutal for season 8 of SYTYCD: 160 dancers, 129 eliminations, 6 rounds, 2 hospitalizations, and a ton of heartbreak. There were a lot of eliminations, some were expected and others were disappointments. Every year, they say it's going to be the toughest or best or most talented or whatever season yet, but this year, they may actually be right. After all, Vegas was a bloodbath!

Let's start with Natalia and Sasha Mallory.


Sasha was good and so was her sister Natalia, especially given her health problems and diabetes diagnosis. But Nigel's way more concerned about her weight than anything else. I spent most of the episode wondering, "What would Mia Michaels say?" I mean, I get that she's big, but does it have to be mentioned every five minutes?! How quickly they forget that one of their own is also big ... and also incredibly talented.

Ryan Ramirez was the other hospitalization, and I'll admit I panicked when I thought she wouldn't be able to dance. She just HAS to make the top 20! She was cheated out of it last year and I may boycott the show if she misses out again.

I'm already considering the boycott, though, because Hero McRae and Patty Anne Miller were gone right from the start. And one of my faves, Arielle Coker, was eliminated in the last round. The injustice of it all! I say she forget SYTYCD and dance with BFF Phillip "Pacman" Chbeeb instead.

A heartbreaking but expected cut was Derion "DC" Chapman who broke down and insisted he couldn't face the people back home because he didn't make it. One inspirational speech from Debbie Allen later and he seemed ok. Alexis Mason, sister of season 5 winner Jeanine, didn't make it through Vegas either. I'm certainly not surprised and I'm sure we'll see her again.

In the end, 31 dancers survived Vegas week. I've started playing the "guess who makes top 20 based on Twitter [in]activity" game. I guessed Arielle Coker hadn't made it because she was tweeting too much. I'm thinking maybe one of the Mallory sisters makes it and the other doesn't, unless they're trying to trick us with their tweets which imply they're nowhere near each other. I'm telling you, the game is tons of fun, search for your favorite's Twitter username and play along!

Who do you think is making the top 20 of SYTYCD?


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