Crazy 'Celebrity Rehab' Cast to Keep Me Sober Another Season

Micheal Lohan
Michael Lohan
I'll admit, as a sober person myself, I am constantly trying to shake my moral dilemma over the existence of a reality show like VH1's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, let alone my fiendish desire to watch it. However, I just can't kick the habit. The new cast for Season 5 was just released -- and I simply cannot wait to watch D-Listers like Michael Lohan (yes, dad to Ms. Lindsay Lohan) and teen shooter turned porn star Amy Fisher publicly battle their addictions before my very eyes.

However, for whatever it's worth, I truly feel my own addiction to this reality show is wrong for all the right reasons.


Celebrity Rehab might seem to many people like just a sensational show designed to poke fun at struggling has-been celebrities while simultaneously giving them TV time and a paycheck. Which it is. However, Dr. Drew is the real deal. He's a real doctor with a big heart and a deep sense of commitment to helping addicts, and I honestly believe him when he says he believes addiction in Hollywood needs to be uncovered and exposed for what it is -- because it is real and real scary.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, Grease and Taxi star and former Celebrity Rehab-er Jeff Conaway, who was a SEVERE opiate-based painkiller addict, died after being hospitalized with pneumonia and sepsis, which Dr. Drew links back to Conaway's lifelong drug abuse. Another celebrity patient on the show, Mike Starr, who was once the Alice in Chains bassist, died back in March from drug-related consequences after having what seemed like a huge breakthrough on the show.

So whether or not these former celebrities are out to make a buck or live up their last chance at 15 minutes of fame, their addictions are real, and at any time, if they don't clean up their acts, they could easily become the next casualty of addiction. And that's why I watch. With every episode, I watch and remember where I might end up should I go back to drinking or using again. I watch because I don't want to go back.

The rest of the new Season 5 Celebrity Rehab lineup is as follows:

Michael Lohan: Lindsay Lohan's tabloid-chasing dad. 

Sean Young: '80s actress, best known for Blade Runner and acting nutty in a Catwoman suit. 

Amy Fisher: Teen shooter turned jailbird turned porn star. 

Steven Adler: Ex-Gun 'n Roses drummer who was fired because of heroin addiction. 

Bai Ling: Actress and chronic guest star on shows like Lost.

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper: Best known for her stint on Survivor.

Jeremy Jackson: He played Hobie Buchannon on Baywatch.

Dwight Gooden: Formerly played for the New York Mets and Yankees.

Will you be watching Celebrity Rehab: Season 5? Why or why not?


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