Kim Kardashian Saves Kourtney From Scott Disick

Scott Disick and Kourtney KardashianKim Kardashian's engagement has thrilled the world -- or at least the world that cares about the Kardashians. But beyond that, she may have done something inadvertently virtuous by agreeing to wed Kris Humphries -- she may have saved her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, from the slimy arms of her baby daddy, Scott Disick.

Instead of driving her to the altar in a mad dash like both of her sisters, which was a huge fear, Kourtney says Kim's engagement has actually taken the pressure off of her to follow suit. She told E! Online that it bought her some time so she doesn't have to "go out and get married right now."

Phew! Kim may have unknowingly given her sister one of the best gifts she'll ever get -- time to bid adieu to Disick before promising until death do them part. *SHUDDER*


I wish I could find even a glimmer of goodness in the guy, as it would be great for little Mason to have both of his parents in his life together forever. But he's just insufferable, and I have to think they might be better off with him ... off somewhere else. Of course, it's their relationship, and if they're happy, then that's what matters ... I just don't see it.

Oh, they tried to paint him as a reformed guy on Kourtney & Kim Take New York, and he did appear to be a tiny bit more tolerable. Okay, not more tolerable, but at least less toxic, and his drinking and violent outbursts seemed under control. When he stood up for Kim in that bar, he got a few begrudging points from me, but at his core, he's still bad news as recent real-life reports confirm.

First up, he's so full of himself that reports say he recently tried to bribe a Southwest employee so he could get on a plane headed for The Hamptons before the other lowly peasants. Witnesses say he cut in front of a couple with twins and caused a general scene. The kicker -- he only offered $20, so he's a cheapskate too.

He's also publicly criticized Kourtney's decorating style. "Our house looks like it's out of Beetlejuice," he told People recently. Even if he was joking, it shouldn't be at her expense. Anything for publicity though, right Scotty?

Then there's the matter of him drinking again, which murmurings suggest he may be doing. The upcoming promo for the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians certainly suggests it; and he was seen in Vegas partying it up without Kourtney recently.

So there are plenty of glaring red flags, and fortunately Kim's engagement seems to have had a speed-bump effect at least on any plans for Kourtney to say yes to his mess of issues. Maybe over time he'll prove worthy, but I for one am not holding my breath.

Are you glad to hear that Kourtney Kardashian isn't in a rush to marry Scott Disick?

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