ABC Has Turned 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert Into a Joke

When Ashley Hebert signed on to do The Bachelorette, it seems highly unlikely that she was hoping for public humiliation, but that is exactly what the poor girl has received over the past three episodes. It was bad enough that they let a guy like Bentley on the show, but then the Monday night roast really put it over the top.

Who on Earth thinks it's a good idea to put an insecure woman (and aren't we all a little?) in front of her suitors and have them "roast" her along with a famous comedian?

Lately, it has seemed that this show is going for cruelty more than entertainment. Like Jeff? The dude in the mask? We get it that he was a weenie, but did they have to play that dramatic Phantom of the Opera music every time he walked in the door? Of course, being mean to the bachelors is one thing. Being mean to Ashley? Seems ridiculous.


I'm sure it's nerve-wracking enough putting oneself in front of all of America for a dating show. You have bloggers (like, um, me) saying she isn't cute enough or asking why it wasn't Emily. It's hard to believe that they would throw her to the wolves like that on the show itself.

In fact, they seem hellbent on playing to her insecurities and actually causing her pain. Who does that? ABC is probably well aware that a "roast" is a super crappy first date. It put William in an awful place and he looked like a complete jerk even though he was right. A "roast" is a chance to go all out. What is the point of doing it if you're going to go small?

So William roasted Ashley for her small breasts (as they all did) and her not being Chantal or Emily. True to girl form, she pretended to be all brave and then collapsed in a puddle by the end. William totally ruined his chances and it's all ABC's fault.

They aren't interested in finding "love" for Ashley, just ratings. And any bachelorette or bachelor who thinks otherwise is an idiot. I would never go on the show for many reasons, but that kind of cruelty is just unconscionable.

Bad, ABC! Bad!

Did you think it was mean?


Image via ABC

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