Will Emily Maynard Go for 'Bachelorette' Bentley Now?

It's possible that the way Bentley Williams treated Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Monday night was just for show. It's even possible the producers hired him to act like that in order to get better ratings. In fact, just about anything is possible except the truth: He really is like that. Because who REALLY sucks that much?

It's comical, actually. He lied to everyone, including Ashley, about the real reason he was leaving the show (he claimed he missed his daughter), but then told the cameras everything. Why? He could have lied to the cameras too and no one would have been the wiser.

Even if he really wanted Emily Maynard to be the Bachelorette, why tell the cameras that? Why say he was not attracted to Ashley? Why call her the "ugly duckling"?

Oh yeah. It's because he is a complete a-hole. Trust us, Bentley, you and your idiotic hair have no chance with Emily Maynard.


Bentley is the type of guy who attracts women. I see it all the time, did it myself back in the day, and cringed through the last three episodes of The Bachelorette as I watched Ashley Hebert do it.

He is good-looking and a complete jerk. Mostly, he was "not all that into" Ashley, which, for many women, is an aphrodisiac. That combination has been lethal for women in the past. But memo to Bentley: Ashley may be done in by you. She is sweet, naive, and bubbly. But you have no chance with Emily Maynard.

Emily is a woman who has been through a lot in her life. She has lost her fiance, raised her daughter on her own, and generally had to fend for herself. She may be 25, but she is way beyond her years in terms of life experience.

She is, quite simply, way beyond the Bentleys of the world. In many ways, his behavior was almost hard to believe. He mocked the other bachelors (and Ashley too) for believing him when he said he wanted to see his daughter, but why wouldn't they? They are trusting, good people who don't outwardly lie and think it's funny to hurt others. Of course, they believed him! In fact, NOT believing him would have been the weird thing.

Speaking of naive hopefulness, I am really bent on believing that Bentley was playing it up for the cameras in order to sell whatever he was peddling (I refuse to even find out because I refuse to support him). Otherwise, he is undoubtedly The Biggest D-Bag in Bachelor History. He never had a chance with Emily.

Do you think Emily would go for Bentley?


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