Toddler 'Glee' Imitation Should Inspire More Tributes (VIDEO)

glee warblerThere are few things I love more than my Tuesday night dates with the cast of Glee. And now that the season finale has come and gone, there's a void in my weekly schedule that I have yet to fill.

However, after coming across this video of a tiny tot doing an unreal imitation of hot stuff Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson on the show) and the Warblers, I came to the following conclusion: We need more Glee tribute videos during the off-season! I know. It won't be easy. And we may look foolish. But even if you can't carry a tune to save your life, this toddler's mind-blowing Warbler reenactment proves a little Glee love can go a long way. To the mother of this handsome toddler, I can't praise you enough for your attention to detail.

Here are 4 tips for making a killer Glee tribute video of your own:


WATCH one toddler's Glee remake to see how it's done:

1. The clothes: No detail has been ignored on this pint-sized getup. And if you think about it -- he picked one of the hardest cast members to replicate! Uniforms aren't the easiest. Looking to impersonate Rachel Berry? School girl librarian chic is much simpler. Goodwill, here I come!

2. The moves: From the initial pacing of the room to his boy band-like side step -- this boy's got the right idea. To really grasp the choreography, try DVR-ing the episode and then watching it back in fragments, slowly. Watching the same scene for two full hours while dancing awkwardly in front of your TV is not only necessary, but totally socially acceptable and expected.

3. The hair: His side part ... I swoon. For your own remake, you'll need your fair share of products. And as women, probably a styling implement or two. I suggest giving yourself a few rallies of styling practice before your filming. Maybe even visiting your hairstylist for some tips. I'm sure if you tell her you want Dianna Agron's new bob, she'll know exactly what to do.

4. The vocal styling: Although this boy is a cutie-patootie, he's not exactly the next American Idol in terms of his vocal cords. But he puts the effort in. I feel like we all have that kind of gusto inside, don't you? They say that showers are where your inner-Madonna truly shines. Thus, in order to prepare for your big debut, you'll need to get wet. And perhaps get some salt scrubs and a new shampoo. Working on your best Glee cast member solo is going to take a few hours, so you may as well be occupied in there!

See, it's not so hard right? But you will need the full package to really get your remake noticed on the Internet. I wonder if I could rope in my boyfriend to be the Finn to my Rachel. Now that's an idea ...

What do you think of this mini Warbler? Would you try making your own at-home Glee tribute video?

Image via YouTube

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