'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: It's All About Bethenny ... Still

Jill Zarin and Ramona SingerThe madness in Morocco continued this week on The Real Housewives of New York. There was crazy camel riding, tension at a Turkish bath, and finally the confrontation between Jill Zarin and Ramona Singer that's been brewing all season ... and last. 

They had skirted around each other for much of the trip up to this point, even making nice and hugging it out in the desert for a bit after some wine. But when the time came for them to sit down and work things out after the recent blow-up, they just got more worked up than ever.

I tried to go into their confrontation with an open mind, not taking sides, to see who was the most rational and willing to work things out -- no matter what their past sins may be. It wasn't even a close call though for me as to whose team I was on in the end (if neither wasn't a choice).


Ramona is crazy and mean this season, it's true, but Jill is all that and more -- and so righteous on top of it all. She went in with her script and couldn't be bothered to listen to anything Ramona was saying. Yes, some of Ramona's problems with Jill are ridiculous -- the fact that Jill said Mario deserved a medal for being married to Ramona for 18 years (uh, yeah, he does). But Ramona admitted wrongdoing and was willing to let everything go if Jill would have just said she was sorry too.

But Jill isn't sorry, admits NO fault, thinks everyone should be two-faced, and wants to know why Ramona "went on a campaign to ruin her life." The whole reason she's SO angry with Ramona goes back to Scary Island. Remember when she showed up out of the blue to stir up drama and Ramona told her it was probably best if she left? She's sticking to her (completely false) guns that she went there out of the goodness of her heart to apologize to Bethenny Frankel, and she's pissed Ramona didn't play peace-maker.

It was a big point for Ramona Singer when she shot back, "She lived down the block from you, why didn't you go visit her there?" Touche!

But while Ramona stayed calm and rational (or as rational as Ramona gets), Jill just got angrier, louder, and more aggressive. In her twisted way of thinking, it's all Ramona's fault she and Bethenny aren't friends anymore.

"If I'd had the encouragement and support of Ramona, this all would have blown over," she said. (Way to take personal responsibility, Jill!) I think Bethenny would beg to differ. Jill needs to move on. She did the damage, and she lost a friend. You'd think she'd learn from the lesson and move on, but she's still stuck on Scary Island.

In the end, they didn't solve anything. Ramona was left a sobbing, quaking mess on the bed, and Jill said she was having a heart attack. Whether there's still time to make up in Morocco (or anywhere else) remains to be seen.

The other tension tonight was between Cindy Barshop and Sonja Morgan, and it seemed pretty forced for drama's sake (or at least let's hope it was since it involved grown women fighting over where they got to sit in the car). Cindy's feelings seem to get hurt a little too easily, and Sonja ... she's just a freakin' mess. They at least made up and are moving on, though I don't think Cindy will ever fully get over the whole pecking order thing.

Most cringe-worthy moment of the night: Alex McCord trying to sexy Skype with her husband, Simon. Ewwww. That was followed closely by her blue sequined shorts with stars.

Funniest moment: LuAnn de Lesseps on the camel bent to buck her off. That was one intuitive camel!

One more episode in Morocco next week before the ladies head back to New York. Who knows what it will bring ...

Who do you think is more to blame for the problems between Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin?

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