Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant? The 'Facts' Say No

kim kardashianIs she pregnant or isn't she?! When Kim Kardashian announced "I'M HAVING A BABY!"on the cover of this week's issue of OK! Magazine, it was like the OMG heard 'round the world! But wait -- almost immediately Kim denied the rumor on Celebuzz, posting "This is crazy! I am NOT pregnant!" Her words were taken out of context, she insists. Still, not everybody is convinced.

Look, everybody, there's no way Kim is preggers! Just look at the "facts":

  1. As we all know from the details of Kim's brief, infamous film career, Kim is obviously saving herself for marriage. A baby conceived out of wedlock? Who do you think she is, Kourtney?
  2. A style icon like Kim would never give up the chance to steal the title of "2011's Hottest Rear in Wedding Gear" from Pippa Middleton.
  3. Speaking of the wedding dress, no gown in the universe could possibly accommodate that many round objects. The get-up would have to defy the laws of physics, people.
  4. A sweetheart like Kim would never be so insensitive as to announce her own pregnancy when little sister Khloe is publicly struggling with possible infertility. (Jealous?)
  5. Kim says she's not pregnant, and I believe her. After all, she is known as the Most Truthful Reality TV Star Ever. And I'm not lying. Really.

Do you think Kim Kardashian is pregnant?


Image via Kalumba2009/Flickr

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