Is 'Real Housewives' Porn Site Ruining the Ladies' Reputations?

real housewifeOMG, you guys, someone is trying to sully the fine reputation of the upstanding women on Real Housewives. This "guy" is trying to make it seem like these women are just a bunch of slutty, big-breasted narcissists who like living life in the spotlight. Who would do such a thing?

I mean, it's not like any of the Real Housewives we know and love have ever been involved in such sordid behavior as sex tapes, stripping, pole dancing, or anything of the sort. These women are wives and mothers -- and someone needs to protect their good name. And Bravo is just the organization to do it.


Here's the dirt: Someone -- a man, a woman, I don't know -- started a site called Real Housewives of Scottsdale. And Bravo is supposedly furious because the site is a porn site, where people can go and um, "get to know" their favorite "housewife" (who is a regular pretty young woman not someone who starred on the reality series) through XXX performances.

Real House Wives of Scottsdale features the hottest Cam Models that Scottsdale has to offer. See all of them perform live, fulfilling all of your fantasies. More photo galleries and movie clips coming soon for all of the House Wives.

Although there have been rumors of a Real Housewives of Scottsdale franchise it doesn't exist yet, but Bravo seems to be concerned with the reputations of all its housewives -- and not just the ones who live in Arizona. According to TMZ, a Bravo representative sent a letter to the porn site, accusing it of sullying the Real Housewives reputation and claiming trademark violations. The site owner told TMZ he's not taking the site down.

Clearly the Network has a very different opinion of the character of its Housewives than the rest of America. After all, isn't porn what most of them aspire to? Just sayin'.

Do you think a Real Housewives porn site will ruin the reputation of the Real Housewives or do you think most of them are really good at doing that on their own?


Image via CleaningQuickie/Flickr

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