'SYTYCD' Premiere: Miracles, Breakdowns & Vomit, Oh My

SYTYCD season 8 auditionsPeople, the day finally arrived! Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance premiered tonight after what seemed like an eternally long season of American Idol (*yawn*). The season started with Atlanta and San Francisco and, as expected, there were some clear favorites ... and a lot of "what are they thinking?"

This show is so great that two hours flew by. Let's jump right in!

Atlanta was apparently brimming with great talent. They had a record 10 people in a row make it straight through to Vegas, which would've been more impressive to me had they not let through a few acts I was not so happy about.


Take, for instance, Deon and Damon, the non-brother duo with a routine that was cute and funny but definitely less than stellar. Then that couple with all the tricks and holds and lifts and whatnot? I mean, they were barely dancing, they were almost all tricks. How come b-boys with all tricks need to go through choreography but that couple went straight through? Really?!

But that doesn't mean it was all bad. Melanie Moore, for one, was the truth! Seriously, that girl was like a miracle. And Marko Germar was not only an incredible dancer, but also had such a great personality. I'm already in love!

San Francisco was not as successful, with Tyce referring to it as "one big hot cup of vomit."

I mean, I can't very well recap this episode without mentioning D'One-que Addison: the guy who had a legit nervous breakdown and then said it was just a performance? Or something? Was I the only one confused by that? And the stripper's moves would most definitely not work in gentleman's clubs, no matter what Nigel says.

Highlights from SF were definitely the quirky Amber Williams and one of my absolute faves from last season, Ryan Ramirez, who made the top 24 but didn't make it on the show. I hope, hope, HOPE she makes it on this time because watching her dance makes me smile.

Next week is sure to be just as great, but I can't wait until the dancers finally get to Vegas!

Who were your faves and, uh, not-so-faves from the season 8 premiere of SYTYCD?


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