'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Moroccan Madness Begins

Sonja Morgan & Ramona SingerIt was wheels up to Morocco on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York as the ladies packed their drama and embarked on the girls' trip of a lifetime. LuAnn de Lesseps was the hostess with the mostest -- the mostest annoying, condescending attitude as she tried to educate her poor, deprived friends in the ways of the world.

It was admittedly a challenging job as the ladies -- namely Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan (or Drunk and Drunker, as I like to refer to them) -- trounced and tramped about the country, insulting pretty much everyone in their wake from the moment they got off the plane.


The blondes arrived a day after the brunettes, and when the two finally met in Morocco, there was tension from the get-go. First up was Hanger Gate. Yes, hangers as in the kind that hang in closets were the source of the first fight of the trip. After Ramona painfully unpacked (or instructed the help to unpack) enough slutty clothing to outfit the entire country, Cindy Barshop came in and wanted to know who took her hangers.

Sonja and Ramona denied taking them, and when Cindy stormed off, they started making fun of her. She stormed back in, and there was a pretty tame confrontation. (There's a "Mommy Dearest" joke in there somewhere, I just can't quite find it.) It was all ridiculous, and no one ever 'fessed up. My guess is Sonja, but we may never know who took the hangers ...

After that, Ramona and Sonja needed some booze, so they mysteriously headed out to "go for a drive," which basically amounted to getting blitzed in the light of day. It's not clear where Alex was for all this fun, but when the brunettes got back from their day of shopping, they found the drunk duo a slushy mess.

When Morocco's top designer, Albert Koinine, was trying to fit the ladies for dresses, Ramona asked him to put a log on the fire. Fed up, Alex went and got the log herself. It all went downhill from there as the crew headed to a party for "Brad," a friend of Jill's who Ramona pissed off this summer by ignoring him in a store.

Despite Sonja and Ramona's rude and drunk ways, it was a lovely party at his "home," which turned out to be a hotel. There were snake charmers; Jill Zarin sported a snake hat ("How can I be afraid of snakes when I have snakeskin shoes?"); and a fortune teller was even on hand to read fortunes. Most of the fortunes were mild (Jill talks too much; Kelly will have a third child; Sonja needs to think about something besides money), until it was Ramona's turn.

While Ramona couldn't initially understand what the fortune teller was saying, the other ladies could, and jaws dropped. The reading: That Ramona's husband may be involved with another woman. Gasp!

Then just before we got to see how she was going to handle the news, it was ... to be continued. Two more weeks in Morocco, and there's no telling what kind of madness will ensue.

Who do you think took the hangers? What do you think of the fortune teller's reading of Ramona?

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