'SVU' Without Christopher Meloni Is a Bunch of Baloney

Christopher Meloni Mariska Hargitay
Christopher Meloni & Mariska Hargitay
Christopher Meloni, our beloved Detective Elliot Stabler, isn't coming back to Law & Order: Special Victims' Unit next season! How can NBC and Universal do this to us SVU fans when we're already deep in grief after hearing about Mariska Hargitay. Hargitay, who plays the amazing Detective Olivia Benson and Stabler's right-hand woman, will be cutting back her role on the show next season. This was tough news to swallow, but knowing our Stabler would still be on the unit gave us a little peace of mind.

So Meloni leaving is really really bad news! This leaves us feeling like, well, all hacked up like one of the umpteen stabbing victims on the show.


Word has it that, after 12 gorgeous seasons on SVU, Meloni was unable to agree on a new deal with Universal Media Studios. That can only mean he asked them, Show me the money! and they wouldn't. Am I right? Oh, come on, Universal! How much can he be asking for? Certainly not more than he's worth to the show. Especially the show that basically writes itself by using ripped-from-the-headlines stories week after week. We totally know you guys use one of those storywriting software programs where you just replace the character names and type of murder weapon each week. So betweeen that and employing D-List actors for one-time guest appearances, Law & Order is a frickin' goldmine that practically runs itself. You know you're raking in the dough over there. Time to invest in the actors that actually work hard and keep us coming back.

I just don't get it. Without Stabler on SVU, who's going to get obsessive and angry about every single horrifying case? Completely flip out on all the pedophiles (and fantasize about murdering them)? Who's going to be the yin to Olivia's yang? And be the ultra good cop dad who always goes home to his family at the end of the day and tries to do right by them in troubled times? WHO???

Will you still watch SVU without Detective Stabler?


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