5 Reasons Anna Kournikova Can't Replace Jillian Michaels

Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova
It was just announced tonight during the finale of The Biggest Loser that tennis star Anna Kournikova would replace beloved celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels on the hit reality show, and already the snark mill (otherwise known as Twitter) is lobbing insults, skepticism, and criticism at NBC and the poor woman who hasn't even officially started yet. Even though Todd Lubin, an executive producer of the show, told Vulture that he and the other producers "intentionally tried to not replace" Michaels, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone but a few fans who are happy with the decision tonight.

Don't worry too much, Anna. People, by nature, can't handle change (although I guess this makes your new job double hard too).

So what does everyone have against Anna Kournikova anyway? Well, here are the top criticisms so far.


Here's a roundup of the top Anna Kournikova criticisms found tonight on Twitter.

1. Anna just took the job because her tennis career is in the toilet. Big fans of this show want their celebrity trainers to be passionate about what they do, not just looking for a fat paycheck when times are tough.

Thx4SharingJerk: Anna Kournikova joining the Biggest Loser? Appropriate since she never won anything.

roseguy64: Anna Kournikova doing the Biggest Loser. Career going nowhere clearly.

2. Anna is too skinny to be a trainer. People who watch weight-loss shows don't trust skinny people can teach them anything. We all know that even Jillian wasn't born that way.

FITNESSjenna: Anna Kournikova as the new trainer on @biggestlosernbc? Really? Someone is looking a tad bit too skinny to be considered healthy to me...

BrookeBakes: Really?! Anna Kournikova? She looks unhealthy skinny. Not a good choice #biggestloser

StephHahnTX: Anna Kournikova. Seriously? That woman needs to GAIN WEIGHT. I wouldn't trust her as a trainer #BL

3. Anna doesn't have the right training to take the job. Just because she's a professional athlete doesn't mean she knows how to motivate people to change their unhealthy lifestyles.

skinnyjeans: Is Anna Kournikova a certified trainer? #BL11 Trying to understand the logic of her being chosen to replace @JillianMichaels.

4. Anna isn't awesome. Some people just don't like her. Why? Just because.

romapr09: Anna Kournikova, Really Biggest Loser?! She sucks :(. This could ruin the show!

bombshell_laura: I kind of hate that Anna Kournikova is going to be the new Biggest Loser trainer. Hopefully she changes my mind...

CarriePenner: I can't believe #TheBiggestLoser made Anna Kournikova the new trainer...I may seriously consider never watching again :(

5. Anna can't replace Jilian Michaels.

azlisa: ugh...anna kournikova the new jillian replacement on biggest loser? no one can ever replace jill :(

But at least one guy is happy:

BBoyKATC: I'd watch..just for Anna :)

Ah, we say simmer down, folks. Let's give Anna a chance to prove herself, shall we?

What do you think about Anna Kournikova replacing Jillian Michaels? Good pick or not so much?


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