'Glee' Finale Recap: And the Winners Are . . . (VIDEOS)

Glee FinaleOK Gleeks, quick question. Who saw the Glee club winning nationals in the season finale?  Come on, don't be shy! If Rachel Berry and Finn can make out onstage (for reals yo), you can admit you were wrong.

Yeah, they went. They saw.


They came in 12th. TWELFTH. OK, so I was a little let down. For all of a second.

I came around because, for all the faults of this episode -- like, the fact that it's the last one we'll see until fall, sniff, sniff -- I have to say it. The ending was just right. We love our Lima losers for exactly that reason. They're losers.

How's this for meta -- the New Directions WIN best when they're losing. Yeah, I went there. See, the way I see it, as long as the Glee club is a bunch of screw ups getting slushied, America identifies with them. We listen to their renditions of pop songs, and we don't laugh because they put EMOTION into them.

That's what the finale got right. These kids are a roiling mess of emotions and hormones. That and the one-liners. Oh, the one-liners came back! Best one of the night:

Artie: I feel like Eloise.

Brittany: I have pills for that.


With dumb Brittany back, this Gleek could almost overlook the fact that a bunch of teenagers were sent all the way to New York City with just ONE chaperon (Really? None of their parents ponied up to see their kids at the NATIONAL show choir competition? Not even pops of the year Burt Hummel?) AND the fact that their chaperon kind of stunk at the gig.

He let Rachel and Finn wander off to dinner at Sardi's. He let Zizes and Puck hang out at a bar. And he let Rachel and Kurt sneak into a Broadway theater, where we got a return to the awesome sauce that was their Defying Gravity duet with another Wicked song, For Good:

That right there made my night almost as much as Mr. Schue climbing up on a Broadway to perform one of HIS own songs (OK, technically Matthew Morrison's songs from his album, Still Got Tonight):

"Their own songs" was quite the theme of the evening, with the club trying to come up with a few that didn't require Finn to rhyme ("I don't like cities but I like New York . . . other places make me feel like a dork" was so awful I had to laugh) or Brittany and Puck to think ("My cup, my cup, saying what's up to my cup."). The result, as sneak peeks had already alluded to, was "Pretending," a Rachel/Finn duet about their will they/won't they love connection.

Their kiss, onstage in front of an entire audience pretty much answered that question. Jesse St. Suck is back on the outs, and it's Finchel for the win! Even if it did lose the New Directions a shot at the top 10 . . . apparently the judges were NOT happy with an onstage liplock. It was powerful but wholly unprofessional.

So that was the end, right? Dreams dashed, the kids go running back to Lima with their tails between their legs?

Oh yeah of little faith. Lima's losers made it to New York. They tasted greatness. And they're GOOD at getting thisclose only to come up empty handed. Instead we had a whole lot of winning going on: Blaine told Kurt he loved him (awww), Brittany and Santana (Brittana?) are talking like they're a "family." Oh, and what's this? Trouty Mouth Sam and Mercedes were caught holding hands.

With all that love in the air, is it any wonder Mr. Schue's decided he loves his kids too much to take a Broadway gig? The sexiest Spanish teacher in primetime's coming back for another run at nationals. Who sees them winning next time? Really?


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