Bible Reality Show Is a Perfect Way to Reach Sinners

In TV entertainment news that surely proves the looming apocalypse (paging Harold Camping!), famed reality show producer Mark Burnett plans to bring a miniseries called The Bible to a television screen near you.

Based on, uh, biblical events, the show will be filmed in the Middle East and will feature CGI effects for scenes like Noah and the Ark. Interestingly, this "docudrama" will air on the History Channel.

(Interesting, for one reason, because this is the same channel that nixed a Kennedy miniseries, explaining at the time that "dramatic interpretation is not a fit for the History brand.")

Also intriguing is the idea of a biblical show created by the king of reality TV. After all, this is the guy behind Survivor, The Apprentice, and The Voice. While The Bible purports to "bring new visual life into the Bible's profound stories," I like to think he's got a reality trick or two up his sleeve.

Here's what I'm picturing for the Top Shocking Moments From The Bible:


Jesus's Table Flip. In the most talked-about scene of The Last Supper, Jesus flips a table in front of the stunned Twelve Apostles—then refers to Judas as a "prostitution-whore."

After God's Final Rose. Shocking twist! Bachelor Saint Joseph dumps Melissa for Mary! But whose baby is it???

Miracle of the Chicken of the Sea. LOLs abound when Jesus wonders out loud if there is actually chicken in the tuna fish sandwiches he just created from five loaves and two fishes.

Job's Surprisingly Heavenly Voice. Expect the unexpected when Job puts aside his suffering long enough to blow everyone's mind with his angelic rendition of I Dream a Dream.

Okay, in all seriousness, does it surprise you to hear a reality show producer is making a biblical series?

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