5 Sexiest Bachelor Picks for 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert (PHOTOS)

Ashley hebert bachelorette The Bachelorette returns tonight at 9 EST and Ashley Hebert, third runner-up on last season's The Bachelor, will be taking center stage. Sure, we've had plenty of opportunities to look at the spoilers, but if you're like me -- you've been waiting for tonight's big season premiere to really size up the competition.

For now, all we non-spoiler Bachelorette fans have to go off of is the show's teaser trailer and ABC's sneak peek at the 25 male contestants. And if you've given them a once-over, like me, it's no secret that there are surely a few lookers among 'em. And a few celeb look-alikes, too!

Take a look at my picks for the top 5 sexiest hunks on season 7 of The Bachelorette:


Ames Bachelorette

Meet Ames. A portfolio manager from NYC, he tells ABC that he loves to work out and does so six times a week. I like his style. In fact, it sounds to me like blue eyes has a good head on his shoulders. I could just envision us going for long runs along the Hudson ...

matt b. Bachelorette

I love Matt because he seems quirky and looks like a more-macho, handsome version of Adam Lambert. A University of Massachusetts Amherst graduate, the 28-year-old majored in turf grass management and is an office supply salesman.

Chris M. Bachelorette

Chris M. looks pretty young. I'd think he's no older than 24. But don't let looks deceive you, the 27-year-old from Canada has done pretty well for himself and is the CEO of a construction company who hopes to be retired living on a beach in five years. Hmmm, any life that involved constant sunshine sounds pretty solid to me.

William Bachelorette

I could get lost in William's eyes. He looks like a sweet guy-next-door type, don't you think? Well that, and an older Prince William. Except The Bachelorette version of Price William is a cellular phone salesman. Almost as charming, right?

Nick Bachelorette

Hellooooooo Matthew McConaughey Nick. This 26-year-old personal trainer from Florida can put the moves on me anytime. And whoa, according to his bio, he was drafted by the Yankees in 2006. A cutey-patootie who can play a good game of ball? Give me a hot dog, a Bud Light, and just call me your No. 1 fan.

Will you be watching The Bachelorette premiere tonight? What do you think of these hunks?

Images via ABC

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