'Khloe & Lamar' Recap: Don't Sleep With Your Friends

Rob Kardashian
Rob Kardashian & Rosa
This week's episode of Khloe & Lamar was less about the couple and more about their friends who were getting in all sorts of trouble. First up was Khloe Kardashian's BFF Malika Haqq, who got what we knew she would inevitably get when she hooked up with Khloe's brother, Rob Kardashian -- hurt.

No sooner did Malika utter the foreboding words that she and Robert had the "perfect non-committed relationship" than he whisked her off to Vegas. It was all sweet and romantic until Rosa entered the picture. Rosa with her "nice backside" is someone Rob says he's always wanted to hook up with, and hook up they did. Playing Santa Claus and little girl in the bathtub, it was ... interesting.

Meanwhile Malika was miffed and went off to find her own hotel room. "It's a little disgusting to me," she said. Uh, yeah.


In the end, after a little sermon from Khloe about not sleeping with your friends and Khloe admonishing Rob to "keep his d*&c in his pants and not in Malika," the two made nice. I'm not convinced that's the last of them hooking up by any means, but at least Malika now knows what's in store for her if they do. Whether she heeds the warning or not, we'll see.

Meanwhile, Lamar Odom was dealing with his friend Jamie who has some pretty serious problems it seems. Though Lamar has given him every chance in the world to prove himself, he just can't get it together and keeps blowing off business meetings for Lamar and generally screwing up.

Lamar finally got tough and let him go from his job doing whatever it is he did for Lamar's company, which sends Jamie into a downward spiral. After not hearing from him for several days, Lamar went to his place and found him in bad shape. He called Khloe to tell her what was going on, and they had the sweetest exchange.

"You're a good friend," she told him. "You're a better wife," he shot back. Awww.

So Lamar helped Jamie get cleaned up and opened up a little bit about the death of his baby son who died in 2006 and how he thinks Jamie -- who suffered from a life-threatening illness -- is going through some of what he has gone through. It was moving, and I hope that Jamie is able to get the help he needs.

I have to say, each week I love Lamar Odom more and more as I watch him. He's such a great, sincere guy with a big heart who really cares deeply for his friends and family. Khloe did good.

Do you think Malika and Rob Kardashian will hook up again? Do you love Lamar Odom?

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