5 Irresistible 'Bachelorette' Spoilers for Season 7

Season 7 of The Bachelorette with Ashley Hebert premieres on Monday, May 23. On Monday, Ashley Hebert, the dental student from Maine, will begin narrowing down her field of 25 eligible guys.

Hebert comes to us directly from last season of the Bachelor with Brad Womack. She is a catch, no doubt about it -- smart, successful and driven. The dental student with an ivy league degree is not going to be looking for just any old schmo and the lineup DOES seem impressive. 

If you are the kind of person who likes to read to the end of the mystery novel (like me!) then you will appreciate a good spoiler or two. If not do NOT, I repeat do NOT continue reading. You have been warned...

Some spoilers:

  • Travel: We all know that travel to exotic locations is all part of the fun of being the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, but the newest season of The Bachelorette is traveling to Asia with stops in Phuket, Chaing Mai, and Hong Kong. No matter what you think of the show, one has to admit that falling in love would be a lot easier in one of these places than in Muncie, Indiana.
  • Winner is one of two sexy men: We put our early money on Ames and it seems, according to the genius in all thing Bachelor Reality Steve, that we may be right. The ivy league educated, New York City dwelling hottie is one of the final two, according to Steve's spoilers. Is he right? Only time will tell. But on first glance, knowing what I know about Ashley (which is a lot, natch), I would say this one is a safe bet. She wants an ambitious man with a good education.
  • Expect drinking: One guy gets so drunk, according to Reality Steve, that he has to be removed from the show before the first rose ceremony. This is not the first time someone has humiliated themselves on the firs episode. Does anyone else remember Stacey Elza, the lady who slipped Bachelor Matt her underwear on the first show? Classy!
  • Single Dad: ABC has revealed that one of the contestants is a single dad. It is a gimmick they have used a lot in the past to great success. Bachelor Jason Mesnick was a single dad and last season's winner, Emily Maynard is a single mom.
  • Drama: Oh I don't have specifics on this one, but we all know the one thing we are guaranteed season after season is plenty of good, old-fashioned DRA-MA. So yay! Bring it on!

Are you excited about Monday night?



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