'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: The Thug, the Lush & Morocco

Ramona Singer pinot grigioAfter millions of promos playing the line over and over again, Bravo finally revealed tonight who Alex McCord called “a thug in a cocktail dress.” It’s a great line, but even greater was the surprise as to whom it was directed. I had guessed Sonja Morgan or perhaps new girl Cindy Barshop, but instead it was none other than LuAnn de Lesseps. I can’t say I disagree; in fact, it’s pretty fitting.

Her smug looks and condescending, nasally declarations of what one should and shouldn’t do (one should never open a gift in the middle of a hotel lobby) are nauseating ... dah-ling. Money can’t buy you class ... or a clue apparently.


I started wanting to slap her during her lunch with Sonja in which they decided everyone needed a break in Morocco, which she of course knows all about (and I’m not a violent person). But as she continued to stir pots and get into everyone else’s biz, it was clear that someone needs to put that B.I. (Ramona’s word/abbreviation(?), not mine) in her place.

Of course, Ramona Singer is certainly not the one to do it as she’s so dependent on pinot grigio that she brought her own case to Jill Zarin’s fundraiser. Apparently, it was supposed to be auctioned off, but instead Ramona cracked that thing open, and it was bottoms up, up, up. Unless Bravo is somehow just editing it to make it look bad, she definitely appears to have a problem. The whole sneaking into the backroom to scrounge for more wine during the luncheon and how she acted when Jill busted her and throughout the whole daytime event was just bad.

Though her inner bitchiness was evident, Jill kept it pretty much under wraps this week. She gets kudos for organizing the fundraiser for bullying prevention though, and her stepdaughter, who has a large birth mark on her face and lip, did an amazing job speaking. She and Ramona made small steps toward resolving their issues, but they are far, far away from finished. Ramona didn’t win any points when she told Jill that her stepdaughter’s speech was so great you couldn’t even notice her face was “deformed.”

All the ladies are in for the Morocco trip at this point, after Kelly Bensimon finally relinquished her reservations and decided to not let Ramona stand in her way. It was a night of opening up for Kelly as she made two big revelations tonight -- 1. that she’s never seen another woman’s vagina besides her own before Sonja flashed hers during a really ridiculous photo shoot; and 2. that she’s suffered from physical abuse in a relationship previously.

The other ladies were shocked by both admissions, but Kelly felt much better having shared. She’s so likable this season, it’s getting more and more difficult to recall just how crazy she was last season.

So the stage has been set, the characters are in place, and next week they’re off to Morocco. Based on the previews and what we’ve seen so far this season, it could prove even scarier than Scary Island. Wonder if Ramona will pack her pinot?

Do you think Ramona has a drinking problem? What do you think of LuAnn's overbearing behavior?

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