Sneak Peeks at ‘Glee’ Finale Are Here! (VIDEOS)

Glee New YorkGleeks, we're almost there! Nationals in New York City, and the finale of Glee season 2! I'm not sure if I'm over-the-moon excited or filled with dread over the thought of facing a whole summer without the New Directions. Ah, but we always have our iPods. And it looks like we'll be adding at least two more original songs to the Gleek playlist!

If you caught the rhyme book in Mr. Schue's hands at the end of the funeral episode, you knew the New Directions weren't satisfied with their first crack at songwriting. So "Loser Like Me" COULD show up in the finale, but we've got a sneak peek at the two new songs that will DEFINITELY be on the show. Are you ready for "Pretending" and "Light Up the World"?


First up, "Light Up the World," which showed up on Ryan Seacrest's show:

It sounds a lot like "Loser Like Me," doesn't it? A bit auto-tuned, but a lot of fun. It's a summer anthem if I ever heard one.

Then there's "Pretending," our taste of Finchel that we've all been waiting for!

Now that Finn's broken up with Quinn and made it clear he wants Rachel back, a plaintive "will they or won't they" song is appropriate. Let's just hope this doesn't mean they'll leave us hanging for the summer break. We need to know for sure! Will they get back together? Will Rachel really continue to swoon for Jesse St. Suck?

I could go either way on these songs. I like that they're branching out, but I have to say I can't wait for Rachel and Kurt's second attempt at a song from Broadway's Wicked after "Defying Gravity" from Season One become an iPod MUST. Word has it they'll be performing "For Good." Other guarantees are Madonna's "I Love New York" and On the Town's "New York, New York."

What song will go on your iPod to get you through the summer until we get another peek at Glee?


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