'One Tree Hill' Renews for Season 9!!! Die Already! (VIDEO)

One Tree HillSo the television show One Tree Hill just got renewed for a ninth season on the CW. One Tree what? you ask. The C who? Exactly. But apparently there must be a heck of a lot of young (or old) fans out there if this show -- possibly the longest running teen drama in which no one has ever become famous -- just got renewed.

So what exactly is so frickin' great about this show?

Nine seasons ... pshhhttt ...


Seriously, I can't name one actor from the show, and I'm kind of "in the know" on these sorts of things. Doesn't every young adult show like this launch some hunk or hottie onto the scene (hello, Jason Priestley, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester)? Doesn't someone always get "made" A-List Hollywood style from starting their career someplace as awful as this (hello, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams ...)? They've had eight seasons already. There's been plenty of time to get someone noticed.

If you're a big fan of One Tree Hill, and I've already royally offended you with my crass commentary on this show, this sweet little tribute video is for you (yes, I'm shamelessly using YouTube to try to get back into your good graces):

From what I can tell watching this Season 1-8 synopsis video, One Tree Hill has all the prerequisite young adult drama: Super-awesome friendships, sing-alongs, dance-offs, life-threatening accidents, hospital bedside turmoil, cheerleaders, forgiving glances, long kisses, short kisses, couch kisses, reunion kisses, airport kisses, graduations, funerals, beach romps, thrilling sports moments, romantic proposals in natural settings, snow romps, cars driving into rivers, river rescues, new babies, stairway falls, black eyes, and crazy maniac shooters on the loose. Look out, he has a gun!

As far as I can tell, the only thing they're missing is a bulimia saga, a lost biological parent finding, and token coming out storyline. Am I right?

Do you watch One Tree Hill? What's so frickin' great about it?

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