Chris Medina Was Used By 'American Idol'

American Idol initially portrayed Chris Medina as a star in the making. Producers spent a lot of time on his backstory, which is no surprise—the emotional situation of Medina and his disabled fiancée captured viewers' hearts across the nation.

The show told of how Medina's girlfriend Ramos became brain damaged and confined to a wheelchair shortly after their engagement. Knowing a good scene when they had it, the American Idol judges invited Ramos into Medina's audition for a group hug.

Fans rallied for Medina, even after he was was sent home just before the top 24. In the episode in which he was cut, Jennifer Lopez got a lot of press for breaking down in tears while fellow judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler tried to comfort her. Host Ryan Seacrest even dramatically described Lopez’s reaction to ending Medina’s Idol run as “an unprecedented meltdown.”

It all made for great television. It's just too bad they don't give a damn about him now.


While many of the most popular contestants typically join the audience in Idol's finale, Medina says he received no invitation for the May 25 show. Yesterday, the singer tweeted, "Just found out I will not be at the finale for #AmericanIdol sad and disappointed."

Not that he's bitter. A truly nice guy, Medina says the show doesn't owe him a thing, and that he's grateful for all the show has given him already.

Still, he's a little taken aback, telling

I wanted to believe that I made a big enough impact on the show, even to have just one seat in the audience ... But I couldn't get my hands on a ticket.

I know the show can't make room for everyone, but they've got nothing for the guy whose sad story they used to boost their ratings? Come on. How about instead of featuring some washed-up celebrity hawking their latest crappy movie, they clear out a couple of seats—one for Medina, and one for his fiancée?

J.Lo, get off your majestic diamond-studded ass and make it happen.

Despite the diss, Medina is doing pretty well post-Idol: his single "What Are Words," written by Rodney Jerkins and released just a day after his elimination, has sold over 70,000 copies. Not only that, he's booked performances and appearances across the Midwest, and even as far away as Norway.

Good for him, and I'm sure Idol played a big part in helping make this happen. Still, it's sad to hear how quickly contestants can be forgotten, once they aren't contributing to the Ford/Coca-Cola/AI money machine. 

Do you think it's lame Medina couldn't get a ticket for the finale?

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