'The Killing' Recap: Have We Jumped the Shark Already?

I believe I can now say that episode 8 of The Killing was when I stopped being frustrated with the show and started being actively annoyed by it. Detective Linden, who I liked so much in the first few episodes, has become particularly disappointing to me as a character, with her strange aquatic response to every confrontation: duck-lipped, walleyed, silent. While, of course, the never-ending rain pours on, drenching every scene and slamming home its weepy metaphor over and over and over and OVER.

(Ever since this show came on the air, Seattle has had the most ridiculously wet spring weather in history—I mean, literally record-breaking numbers of damp gray skies. Coincidence? I am starting to blame you, AMC.)


There was much to be annoyed by in this episode, as far as I'm concerned, starting with Linden spying on Holder's 12-step meeting. Hello, Linden, the second A is for ANONYMOUS. Way to be a window-peeking, privacy-invading, deadpan-expression-dumpy-sweater-wearing a-hole. (Do you see how far my opinion of her has fallen?) Also, didn't Linden interrupt Rosie's funeral with her ringing cellphone? Nice work, detective.

Anyway, so Holden is in recovery, and the mysterious bald guy who's been giving Holden money is his sponsor. That doesn't yet explain how he's also giving him tips on the case, but whatever, at least it's an actual revelation about Holden's character. It's official: the white Snoop Dogg is now the only person on the show I like.

The business with the FBI is potentially interesting but then it kind of devolved into this horribly clichéd police chief scene with Linden's boss being all, "Let it go!" and "You need to give me some evidence I can use!" and "You're off the case, even though I was begging you to stay on the case like two days ago!" and Linden's all, I WILL POOCH OUT MY LIPS TO INDICATE I AM HAVING AN EMOTION.

The political campaign continues to be the most boring side plot ever. Something something leaked affair dirt on the mayor blah. Then there's Richmond at the parole hearing for the drunk-driver lady who killed his wife, which involved Richmond punching a mirror and sending a little Meaningful Rivulet of Blood into his wedding ring. Hey is that the same hand you use when you're screwing that pinch-faced Gwen lady, or—?

Oh, and it turns out Linden's son leaked the Rosie photos. Man, and after Linden's been such an attentive mom, too! Maybe when Linden learns how to turn off her cellphone ringer, she can take a class on securing her digital files.

The Killing has five episodes to go. Can they reclaim some of the intrigue and riveting drama the first episodes promised? Can they deliver an ending that doesn't feel ridiculous and disappointing ("Them terrorists done it!")? Can they give us anything about Rosie herself, so the character this all revolves around doesn't remain a total blank page? At this point, I'm less interested in who killed Rosie Larsen, and more interested to see if this show can pull itself out of its slow tailspin.

What did you think of this week's episode? Are you getting fed up with it too?

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