'Khloe & Lamar' Recap: Houseguests From Hell

Khloe KardashianThere's an old saying about fish and houseguests starting to smell after a few days, but Khloe Kardashian's visitors started to stink up the joint the moment they invaded her home on this week's episode of Khloe and Lamar. Her friend Khadijah Haqq (Malika's twin) called the day before they arrived in town begging for a place to stay lest she be homeless, and Khloe couldn't say no. 

Showing a surprisingly passive side, Khloe just couldn't stand up for herself, even when Khadijah showed up on her doorstep with not only her husband, newborn baby, and monster dog (appropriately named "Monster") in tow, but her brother as well. Chaos ensued, and Khloe couldn't even sleep as they pawned their baby off on her, and the dog wouldn't shut up.

I hope the show is as scripted as it seems; otherwise, Khloe needs to get some new friends. Who does that?


In the end, Khloe kicked them out nicely but firmly and realized how much sooner she should have stood up for herself and her home. "I feel stupid for not saying no earlier." Kardashian lesson #852 learned.

The most touching part of the show came from Lamar Odom who visited a young man with bone cancer. The experience made him want to reconnect with his father, Joe Odom, and make amends. "Nobody's guaranteed a tomorrow," he said.

Though apprehensive about it, Lamar asked Joe to dinner. Khloe cooked, and they reminisced about old times and Lamar's mother who passed away when he was young. It was touching to watch them together, and the only thing Joe asked for was some cookies to take home and some Nikes. However, in a call Khloe concealed from Lamar prior to the dinner, he apparently asked for more, though it wasn't clear what. I wonder if that's going to come back to bite her?

Perhaps not, as Lamar seems to be growing to accept his father for who he is, flaws and all. "He's not a bad dude, he's just street," Lamar said.

Were you glad to see Lamar reconnect with his father? Were you surprised to see Khloe have such a hard time kicking her rude houseguests out?

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