'The Walking Dead' Season 2 Premiere Creeps Closer, Promises More Gore

the walking dead posterI'm way too involved in reality shows right now -- American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, and starting new week The Bachelorette. It fills my need for mindless TV, but I'm thirsty for some blood and guts. I want a beautiful gore fest with flesh eating zombies. Something that scares the beetlejuice out of me and makes me think THIS COULD BE REALITY! I need The Walking Dead Season 2. It's been too long, AMC!

The doomsday scenario show (unrelated to the supposed end of days coming on May 21st -- or is it?!) will begin filming in two weeks and guess what friends? They are looking for extras. How delicious would it be to try to gnaw at the neck of Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln?! Secrets about the upcoming season and when it will start are starting to ooze out. I've got some spoilers and teasers!


Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon, Mr. Sexy Redneck who is scary in his own way (bow and arrow me, baby!) says, "Season Two is going to be dope."


He told MTV that most of the filming for season 2 will take place south of the city:

We're in the woods this time. The first season we did the city ... but this time we're in the country. I think it gets a little more hardcore this season. I think I have a little bit of hero stuff coming, which I'm excited about. If I tell you more than that, I'll probably get bit by a zombie the first day I get down there.

More tents. More darkness. More WHAT'S THAT CREEPING IN THE WOODS? More Shane lusting over Lori. And we're finally going to find out what it was that the man from the CDC whispered in Rick's ear. But we already know don't we? The blood tests, remember? LORI IS TOTALLY PREGNANT!

Guts are going to be flying! If the baby comes out all doe-eyed with a swagger then that will make it surely Rick's spawn. And Shane will be all pissed that this was his ONE chance to solidify his connection to Lori. Will this make Shane really kill Rick this time? I don't want Rick to die but holy blood bath that would be shocking.

But if the child comes out with a mane of jet black hair, overly pumped up muscles, and a crazy look in it's eye, then it will most certainly be Shane's. ZOINKS! Lori will have some big explaining to do! What's Rick going to do then, huh? Accidentally feed him to the zombies maybe? YEAH! That would be DOPE!

And, what about prenatal care for Lori? How will she be able to run from the zombies when she's in her third trimester? I guess she'll have a tent birth! I hope the zombies don't get all uber-superpowers if they get to the placenta! Maybe little brother Carl can learn how to encapsulate it! Maybe Lori will produce a lot of breastmilk and keep them all really healthy! DOPE DOPE! So much to think about! We just have to wait for October for the premiere!

Are you excited for the season 2 premiere? What do you think is going to happen?

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