Josh Turner Surprise Will Make You Cry, Even If You Hate Country Music (VIDEO)

Josh Turner and scotty McCreeryEven if you're not watching the current season of American Idol and hate country music, you still need to watch the following heartwarming video. In it, country superstar Josh Turner surprises Scotty McCreery, one of the top three contestants on Idol, during his hometown visit. If you're a fan of either or both, you'll like it even more.

McCreery is the country guy on this year's show. At just 17, he's humble, down-to-earth, and just a seemingly good guy. As he's up performing during his hometown visit (and those are always moving enough) in Garner, N.C., Turner comes out on stage. At first, McCreery has no idea why the crowd is going wild, then when he realizes Turner is on stage with him, he's blown away. Chills! Check it out:


You can tell it was a complete surprise to McCreery and in no way rehearsed. I love that and think there way too few true surprises in life ... of the joyous kind anyway.

I'm also a total sap when it comes to American Idol. I get teary every time I see the stories of the contestants, their hopes and dreams, and the joy in their eyes and those of their family when they belt out the tunes. And  to see this young kid -- he's just a junior in high school -- meet and perform with his idol just melts me into a puddle of tears.

Plus, as much as my former punk-rock-loving self is aghast to admit, I have grown to love country music over the years. The first song they performed together "Your Man" is one of my current favorites, and, incidentally the Turner song McCreery auditioned with and has performed on Idol. The second one they sang was Turner's first hit, "Long Black Train," which is another great tune. For as nervous as McCreery was, he did an amazing job at keeping his composure; and they  sounded good together.

Whether McCreery wins the American Idol crown  this season or not, Turner may have just given him something even better. And I have feeling anyone on the fence as to who they want to see as the next American Idol may be firmly in the McCreery camp after seeing this video.

Did this video of Josh Turner surprising Scotty McCreery give you chills? Who do you want to see win this season of American Idol?

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