'Bachelorette' Contestants Revealed, Losers Are Obvious

Ashley Hebert may have been rejected by Brad Womack last season on The Bachelor, but the dentist who was third runner-up is getting a second shot at "love" (for whatever that is worth on this show) when she becomes the new Bachelorette. Her show is set to start May 23 and her 25 suitors have just been announced by ABC.

It looks to be quite a season. We have Anthony, a butcher from New Jersey who I fear may be more Jersey Shore than Bachelor; Jon, a 26-year-old "E-Commerce Executive" who I am guessing is going to be the loud-mouthed jerk in the pack (judging from his questionnaire); and William from Ohio who sells cellphones and looks like he's about 9, among 22 others.

She has some hot guys and some guys with interesting professions from uber professional -- lawyers and bankers -- to the more creative -- hairstylists and "entrepreneurs" (read: unemployed wannabe celebrities).


It will be interesting to see how the show shapes up given the early hype.

Last season Ashley wasn't my favorite, and though she seemed cute and fun enough, she wasn't as dynamic or attractive as Ali (the last Bachelorette) or even as together and mysterious as Jen Schefft. But she does have a better shot at finding love than her male counterparts. After all, two of the only lasting partnerships this franchise has garnered have started on The Bachelorette.

My personal vote is going with Ames. He seems a little cocky, perhaps, but he is a portfolio manager in New York City. I think that will appeal to Ashley who is ambitious herself. He is also a boarding school kid and my guess is he knows a few things that will impress her. My early money is on him. Let the fun begin!

I am looking forward to this new season! Are you?


Image via ABC

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