'The Killing' Recap: Mohammed? Really, We're Looking for a Guy Named Mohammed?

Okay, I'm sensing a theme with The Killing, and I'm not just talking about the racism stuff that started via murky undertones and by the end of last night's episode was like KNOCK KNOCK HELLO WE ARE EXPLORING THE ISSUE OF RACISM! IN A VARIETY OF UNCOMFORTABLE WAYS! CHECK OUT THE AWFUL THINGS COMING OUT OF MITCH'S MOM'S OLD-COUNTRY TALK-HOLE!

No, I'm talking about the whole "nothing much happens for a whole episode then something OMFG HUGE happens at the end but wait it's not what you think" thing. Like how we left the show last week with Stan driving Bennet out to kill his ass but it turns out all he really wanted to do was stand under a rain machine for a while and maybe hug it out.

I'm just saying, The Killing: my chain, it is getting a bit tired of all the yanking.


So! Bennet has returned safe and sound, and Bennet's wife is out of the suspect running because she has placenta previa and can't lift anything. Some dude named Mohammed, who's been studying the Quran with Bennett, may have been in Bennet's house the night Rosie was killed. Now Linden and Holder are trying to find Mohammed, but apparently so is the FBI. 

Linden ends up missing her plane to get to Sonoma, which was so incredibly unexpected and shocking and oh my god please just put a bullet in this side story of Linden's ongoing denial that she's obsessed with the case JUST LIKE (enigmatically!) LAST TIME. I hate what this is doing to one of the show's best characters, which is: turning her into someone I kind of want to punch. Just sack up and tell your creepy fiancee you'll be home when the case is over, Linden. Spit out that goddamned gum already.

The Richmond political story continues to be the part of the show when I get up and root around in the kitchen for a snack. Sorry, dramatic city council voting scene starring Passionate Richmond, Smirky Mayor, Narrow-Eyed Gwen, and Richmond's V-Neck Shirt, but you are BO-ring.

We do get to see Richmond drilling Gwen over a desk, but anything that might have been mildly titillating about that moment was rapidly deflated (heh) by the mayor's anti-Richmond commercial suddenly blaring from a nearby TV. Bonerkill, dude.

The show ends with Linden and Holden following an address (mysteriously slipped inside Linden's shoe at the mosque they visited in search of the elusive Mohammed), and juuuuust as they go wide-eyed with shock over whatever it is they see in a back room—the FBI burst in and order them to the floor.

Dun dun DUNNNNNNNnnnnn argh dammit.

Tune in next week for, I presume, some sort of lightning-fast explanation of the FBI involvement, 50 more distracting side plots, and a multitude of shots of Linden looking pensive while gnawing a wad of Nicorette.

What did you think of this week's episode?

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