Michael Bolton 'SNL' Short Is Redemption for 'DWTS' Debacle

michael boltonTina Fey and British singer Ellie Goulding may have been the headliners of last night's Mother's Day episode of Saturday Night Live, but it was Michael Bolton who stole the show. After his dismal performance on the last season of Dancing With the Stars, it's nice to see the sexy crooner killing it at what he does best (singing) -- and not taking himself too seriously.

Who knew he had it in him?


The Digital Short featured Bolton along with the Lonely Island crew. Andy Samberg and friends want him to sing a big sexy hook for their hip-hop song in the club, but Bolton, a "major cinephile," just wants to sing about movies -- Pirates of the Caribbean, Forrest Gump, Scarface, and Erin Brockovich. It's not the Lonely Island's best work, but hearing Bolton proclaim his love over and over again for Captain Jack Sparrow is pretty funny.

Of course Bolton is the perfect guest to have on a Mother's Day special -- after all, what mom (over a certain age, of course) doesn't love the guy. (It works out well for him, too, because he's releasing his 21st studio album, Gems – The Duets Collection, on June 21, 2011, and the perfectly timed publicity can't hurt.)

Other standout performances of the night included a hilarious birth-class sketch with Fey and Maya Rudolph (also pregnant); a spot-on parody of Bravo’s Pregnant In Heels with Abby Elliott; performances by Goulding (who is best known for singing at the Royal Wedding); and, of course, a Fox News sketch, which gave Fey the opportunity to do her famous Sarah Palin impersonation. It was a night in which SNL honored moms, while getting in plenty of Osama jokes, too.

What was your favorite SNL performance last night?



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